Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Ramblin'.....

I was up waayyy too early this morning!  3:15 I'm wide awake!  And I knew it wasn't one of those times that if I just lay there and close my eyes, I will just drift off back to sleep. So, I got up.  Having my coffee and computer time. 
After several attempts at taking some photos of things to put in my etsy shoppe, I decided to say forget it....I'm just going to take it to the mercantile. I just couldn't seem to get good clear photos.  I think I may close my etsy shop for awhile if not for good.  It's been sitting empty for awhile now and I just don't have  time for everything.  Every once in awhile ya just gotta stand back and look at the whole picture and ya realize somethings gotta give.

The bathroom redo is coming along slow but sure....I was really hoping to get it done this week since I had the time off, but there are little things that come up that delays the process by adding a little more work.  Ya know what I mean?  Once I got the walls stripped, I looked at the ceiling and realized it just couldn't be repaired so I may as well scrape that down and redo it as well.  Do that before I start painting the walls, right?  Then we notice the commode is really tilting to one side.  Weak spot in the floor.  So now looking at that minor repair and hoping that the commode won't need to be replaced as well.
Here are a couple of before photos.....

Wallpaper down, ceiling stripped, towel rings/bars off and holes filled....I changed out the light switches and power outlets yesterday.  The lighting fixtures will be taken out and updated...This vanity will be staying for will just get a little facelift. 
So that's my work in progress....It's never taken me so long to redo just one room...two or three days, tops!
Today I'll be on the hunt for an inexpensive yet attractive lighting that will mount on the ceiling in the existing box.  Wish me luck!!
I hope you've had a great week.....and have a fantastic weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep....the big 45!  I'm spending it at home....I have to say I was beginning to wonder just how good a day it could be when I woke to no power.  I woke at 6:30 and the little light in my bathroom flickered and the storm had begun outside and I no sooner got out of bed to go turn the coffee pot on when the power went out so back to bed I went!  I'm really not one to do that but if ya can't have coffee first thing in the morning, what's a girl to do?  .So 2 hours later, still no power! For cryin' outloud!!  I threw on some clothes, and was going to run over to the convenience store that is 6 miles away to grab a cup of coffee and lo and behold the power came back on!  All is well in my world again!!

Last Wednesday our a/c went on the fritz.  Then our garbage disposal started leaking and had to be taken out, which didn't bother me none.  A couple of truck issues on top of that but nothing too serious this time.  I got the wallpaper stripped in the bathroom and walls sanded.   There was a gathering of winter Texans here at the farm over the weekend ..... what a wonderful group of people!  Took a group over to visit the Amish on Saturday morning....always nice visiting over there!  So back at it this week....had two cleaning cancellations this week so I have the rest of the week to finish that bathroom! Today, it's scraping the ceiling!  How's that for celebrating a birthday?!! LOL  Works for me....I've been wanting to do this for a long time!

I'll also be getting some things listed in my etsy shoppe later today and getting some things together to take to the mercantile....multi-tasking!  As late as I slept today, I should be able to work a long while this evening!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today's the day...

...that I begin, again, to redo our main bath.  For more than a couple years now, I've been wanting to redo our main bath.  I even started to strip the wallpaper.  The border came down easy enough. Then I started on the wallpaper.  Hmm....over the shower was as far as I got for whatever reason.  It's been so long ago now who can remember! That wallpaper has been my strip wallpaper takes a great amount of time and patience even when using a good remover solution.  Two things that I don't have alot of for things as such!  You would think that I would of found time over the past two years to get this done.  Instead, I used the time I had for such projects to redo this spare room, which is my sewing/computer room and the laundry room.  
I did remember to snap a before pic...but I will save that to post once the project is complete!
I hope you are having a great summer!  I can't believe it's already mid-July!! It's been three weeks since my last post....seems I'm going backwards instead of forwards when it comes to my blogging.  Not that I haven't had the time or anything that was blog-worthy, it's just taking the time.  I've hung up my waitress apron since my sister is back to work.  Besides the cleaning service, I'm still hemmin' pants at the clothing store.  I had a little bit of creative time to put together a few things that I will soon be listing in my Etsy Shoppe and some things will go to Randolph Mercantile.  Took a little road trip over to IL this past weekend to meet John.  I visited the Beardstown Antique Mall where I found a few bargains.  I even found some Peaches & Creme yarn on mark-down at the Beardstown Wal-Mart, in case I get hit with that crochet bug!  Then we found a new place over in Jacksonville called The Peddler's, where I found a couple more things.  Of course all these will be repurposed and up for sale soon! (Hopefully soon!)  My Etsy shoppe has been sitting empty for weeks now!

Well, that wallpaper isn't going to strip itself, so I better get myself off this thing and movin'! 
Have a GREAT day!!