Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who knows what a day will bring.....

My last post was on Saturday morning. I ran my errands...came home and puttered around the house....working on this and that.......

Saturday evening, I got a call from my Mom telling me that my Aunt Marilyn had suffered a heart attack that afternoon and didn't make it. Marilyn was 47 years young. The youngest of six. This is not the way it's supposed to be. She has a husband and a 5 year old daughter, who is THE spitting image of her. She has three older kids with 11 grandchildren with #12 on the way.

Marilyn came into my life when I was 2. My Mama married her oldest brother. Just as he was my Dad, Marilyn was not only my aunt, but she was my friend. We were so close for many years.....then life happens. You get busy....taking for granted that there is always tomorrow. Well, I'm here to tell you....Don't take that for granted. We do not know what a day will bring.
I was going through photos for something else and found this one. I have many fond memories of spending time with Marilyn....and even though we didn't get to or make the time to spend with each other in these past few years and while I know that she is on to a MUCH better place....I will still miss her greatly.
Marilyn Juanita Prewitt Beale
Spetember 10, 1961 - April 25, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blackbird-Designs Sampler....Done!

Well, here it is! How fun this was to work on! I stitched this sampler on an oatmeal color, 14 ct aida cloth and using dmc floss....
# 3777 for the dark, # 221 for the medium and # 355 for the light. I applied a light walnut dye to give this sampler a slightly aged look. I used a little bird and heart motif from a small design I recently stitched by Primitive Betty...and I think they worked really well with this design. Hazel Summers was my grandma....born in 1908. A small photo of her is shown with this sampler, in a small frame probably made by my grandpa. I thought about using her maiden name but decided it would be more fitting to use her married name as it was my great-grandmother...her mother in law, Margaret, that taught her what she knew about sewing.

I will frame this sampler and hang it in my sewing room.

This design was offered to Blackbird-Design blog readers for a little contest while they are away on vacation! To be entered you must complete the stitching and submit a photo then they will draw a name from the entries upon their return! I can't believe I actually finished it before the April 27th deadline!! You can find a link to their blog over on the right in my Favorite Blog sites list!

It's another beautiful day here....windy but I can have the windows open and the backporch open....the cats are loving it!

I'm off to run some errands...cats aren't lovin' it that they are out of food!! That means a trip to Wal Mart....on a Saturday....

Enjoy your day!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

What a beautiful day!

I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day out today! Sewing and housework will wait and can be done after dark or when things are done outside! So for starters, I took Lucy and Ruger on a walk thru the woods behind the house...and IF we happened to find a mushroom or two then all the better! They had a blast romping thru the creek and running thru the leaves of last fall.
On the way back to the house, I noticed our two geese fly in to the pond so we walked down that way for a spell...they must have eggs down there somewhere....They sure had Lucy's attention....she didn't bark at them today...just laid down and watched them....

Once we got back to the house, I decided to finish up that pampus grass and pick up the yard. It looks SO much better! And I FEEL so much better at having that much more done outside. brother in law was tilling up his garden spot so I had him come till up a small space out back for me. Nothing too big....just a few tomato plants, zuccini and some herbs and who knows what else.

So I'm back open with the most wonderful breeze flowing thru the house..... and contemplating work. I just keep putting off this one dress because there are so many layers to work with! Prom isn't for another what's the rush, right?!
I found this sweet photo in my email this morning! My GREAT-niece....Ava Kelly...born this past Sunday, April 19th....weighing 6 lbs. 3 oz. and 19" long. How precious!!

Congratulations Shanna and Sean!!


Have an awesome day!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coffee Break...

One dress finished.....another almost but it had to go back to the hanger for a spell. It's one of those projects that you work for so long and it get so tedious that it must be set aside to pick up again later with fresh eyes...probably not until tomorrow! Then that leaves one more and that will most likely be a Saturday project.
I've also been working on the counted cross stitch sampler that I mentioned in a previous's coming along nicely and I will show you that when it's complete! I was excited to find out that our new little quilt shop carries the aida cloth that I use in cross stitching! Fabrics, notions, floss and other needfuls! Yea! I am SO glad that we have this little shop!
Remember my chicken story? I understand it brought back memories for some of you! Well I knew I had seen five that didn't get taken but had only been seeing four of them out and about. Well, I finally found the missing hen......just as I had thought, she'd found a good hiding spot to lay some eggs and start sitting! I have no idea how many eggs she may have under there...we shall see in a few weeks!


It was kind of cloudy this spit some rain early in the day....but the temp is nice and the sun is now trying to shine! Going to a high school Art Show with a friend this evening. Until then, guess I'll sew on some diapers....or finish a sampler?

I hope you are having a great....and productive day!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

It was such a nice day last Friday! John had gotten home on Thursday so he went mushroom hunting with his dad and brother while I took Mom for an errand. When I got back, I decided to finally work out in the yard! Sticks and twigs all over and you all know how desperately the flower berms needed work! I had finally made the decision to sell my chickens....for several reasons. They were free-range....they've always roosted in the "barn"...they get into the flowers and scratch the mulch and dirt out into the yard...not to mention the pooh everywhere and the constant complaining of my 18 yr old. So, I listed them on Craigs List and received responses almost immediately. With a party coming to check them out on Friday afternoon, I worked in the yard while waiting and guess what I FINALLY got done?

Yep....I finally got to cut down that pampus grass out in the berms! Actually, I need to go back and finish one because ..... Can you see her? That little speck of red...and some black and white in there? I was cutting with electric hedge trimmers.....just cutting away and when I got down so far I noticed that the middle was "hollow". So I get to looking and there she of my mama hens! All puffed up setting on her eggs.............or so I thought! I don't know how I missed her while cutting! The trimmers didn't seem to bother I haphazzardly cut the remaining tall grass then left it to finish later.
The people got there for the chickens and I was showing them mama hen when I see there are a couple little babies in there!
Well to catch free-range chickens! They managed to catch two and get them into a carrier. Them chickens went everywhere! To the little wooded ditch beside the the horse pasture...behind stacks of things in the barn...under the back porch! It was finally decided that they'd go home then come back later in the evening and try again once they were roosting for the night.
NO! I didn't take pics of us running around out there trying to catch 'em!
What a day it was! Between loads of laundry and cooking supper, I done a little more work outside. Ely and Liz came down. The guys got the mower serviced and got started on the yard...looks much nicer now!
Just about the time I thought maybe the folks changed their mind on the chickens, they showed up! So there we all went...running around in the dark trying to catch chickens! They managed to nab a few while they were roosting....then they were all over the place!
We thought they'd gotten all but two but come Sunday morning when I went outside, there were still five! But I think I've got a home for them. So I'm still waking to a rooster or two crowing! Oh...and the mama hen....there ended up being chicks in there with her! Good thing I sold them while they were still so young....we'd of never caught them once they were out running around!! LOL
The rest of the weekend was pretty calm. Glad to of gotten the yard work done when we did cause it's rained pretty much the whole weekend.
John went back to work Saturday night. I went to church Sunday morning then spent the afternoon cleaning on this house!
I finally curled up in my chair with a counted cross stitch project....late night is NOT the time to start that kind of project! Can you say "bifocals"? Yep...I be needin' them! And I need to find me a good work light! This is a little design by Blackbird Designs....they have a little contest going on and I thought it would be fun....a little incentive to get a little fun work done!
I suppose I've rambled on enough for one day...I have two dresses needing altered and diapers to sew too so I'd better get myself busy!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend......Have a GREAT day!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Ramblin'...

Right after clicking that post button yesterday morning, I went outside only to find that the clouds had taken over the beautiful morning sun that was shining so brightly when I woke! Seems as the day went on, the temperature dropped and there was a light wind. (I know the calendar says it's spring...but dang it sure doesn't feel like it! And those little teaser days sure don't help!)

By the time we got home mid-afternoon, Ely and Liz were here so we played some cards then moved on to the Gamewave trivia game! That game can make a person feel so smart or SO stupid! LOL It was a really nice day.... everyone left about 6:30....I took care of a few things outside then I curled up in my chair with a NCIS marathon on USA.

It doesn't look like it's going to be a very pretty day today. It's almost 7:30 and there's not even a hint of sunshine! Guess after I run my errands I'll just work inside...I never lack for anything to do inside! I've got a little list going of things I need to get done today.....let's hope I succeed!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday.....have a GREAT day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A beautiful Easter morning!

Sunshine!!! What a wonderful thing to see on an Easter Sunday morning!

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

So what are your plans for the day? John is out. My sister Denni is coming up to go to church with me and Briar then we're going out to our sister Susan's for lunch. Then I MUST hit the Wal-Mart before coming home.

I spent yesterday at home! I didn't have to go anywhere! I spent the majority of my day in this room working. I popped a book on cd into the player and worked on this new sewing job. Can you tell what it is? It's just a "little bit" out of my norm! They are flannel and they open up.....and they look just a little different than the ones you may have used......

Well....if you guessed CLOTH DIAPERS, then you are right!! Aren't they just too cute?! I was approached about this some time ago and now the ball is rolling. Labels and snaps have yet to be put this is as far as I'll take them for now....hopefully the other items will be in soon so they can be finished up. This doesn't mean I've let the other work go....I'm still doing alterations and working with Duval & Reid and I'll continue with my handmades when time allows.

After I worked on them for awhile, I moved on to the kitchen. I hadn't done any baking for a good while with the exception of John's birthday I made a pecan pie and cookies to take to my sisters today and I also made some cranberry/pecan muffins! Mmm.....I will probably take some of them along today too just so I don't hoss them all down myself!

Time to move on with my day....I hope you all have a blessed Easter Sunday!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where have I been & where is spring?

I can't believe I've let nearly two weeks pass since my last post! I've been here. I check for new entries on other blogs. I make the usual visits to the forums & facebook. I guess I've just not found anything interesting enough to "write home" about. There just hasn't been alot going on here at the farm. Just the usual stuff!
I just got this little pattern booklet a week or so ago and I have yet to stitch anything up from it....'Herb Tyme' by Notforgotten Farm. Just looking thru it and reading the little herb tidbits makes me want to put in a little garden. I'm sure I won't have a space tilled up for a garden, maybe a little container garden with some herbs and I think I can find a small place to put a few tomato plants. I really don't want to keep up with more than that, if even. It will be all I can do to keep up with the flower beds. I have finally made the decision to sell my chickens. They are free range and as long as they are, I will never have clean walks or pretty flower beds. I might someday have them again but with a coop and really large pen.
So now with that decided, it's time to get started on a plan for my flower beds....and finding a tried and true way to keep the weeds out! Of the seven flower boxes lining my front walk, there is only one that I will not have to completely dig up to start all over. I think I've mentioned the shape of my berms out front before.....they are in such sad shape I should really start over with them as well, but there are several nice plants out there that I don't want to risk digging up to move so we will just have to work around them. I know I should have part of that done already but I've been waiting on nice days with little wind and time....unfortunately that don't always come along at the same time!
So what's been going on in your world?
Oh! Something else I wanted to share with you.....I found this on a forum that I visit & what a neat idea to help support your local merchants and boost the local economy!

What would be your three picks? Gas station, supermarket, restraunt, clothing store, fabric store? Here are three that I would choose.....

*Patches & Thread...the new quilt shop that carries fabric, batting, dmc floss & sewing notions....all of which are very important in my line of work. Having to drop everything to run to Columbia for a spool of thread that will match the dress that needs altering is costly in time and money!
*Bubba's....restraunt serving breakfast & sister also works there! Support the sister has a job!
*Duval & long as they are selling pants....I've still got pants to hem!!

That's just to name three....of course there are other places.... Randolph Mercantile & Lula's....

Read the info....think about it...then commit to supporting your locally owned businesses!