Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blackbird-Designs Sampler....Done!

Well, here it is! How fun this was to work on! I stitched this sampler on an oatmeal color, 14 ct aida cloth and using dmc floss....
# 3777 for the dark, # 221 for the medium and # 355 for the light. I applied a light walnut dye to give this sampler a slightly aged look. I used a little bird and heart motif from a small design I recently stitched by Primitive Betty...and I think they worked really well with this design. Hazel Summers was my grandma....born in 1908. A small photo of her is shown with this sampler, in a small frame probably made by my grandpa. I thought about using her maiden name but decided it would be more fitting to use her married name as it was my great-grandmother...her mother in law, Margaret, that taught her what she knew about sewing.

I will frame this sampler and hang it in my sewing room.

This design was offered to Blackbird-Design blog readers for a little contest while they are away on vacation! To be entered you must complete the stitching and submit a photo then they will draw a name from the entries upon their return! I can't believe I actually finished it before the April 27th deadline!! You can find a link to their blog over on the right in my Favorite Blog sites list!

It's another beautiful day here....windy but I can have the windows open and the backporch open....the cats are loving it!

I'm off to run some errands...cats aren't lovin' it that they are out of food!! That means a trip to Wal Mart....on a Saturday....

Enjoy your day!!!


Rita said...

That turned out so well! I wish I had some sort of stitching skills ... I'm sure mine would look more like someone threw up on a piece of cloth, LOL.

WoolenSails said...

It turned out beautifully, it is a wonderful design.
Wish I had the time to do needlework too.


Moreen said...

Your sampler looks lovely.