Thursday, July 28, 2016

Let's Get Scrappy.....

I recently participated in a mini-quilt swap through . 
This is the awesome mini that I received from Claudia B. LOVE it! So many techniques! For the trees, she used a confetti technique that I had not seen before....SO cool! Little snippets of fabric placed beneath a piece of tulle then  stitched and quilted into place. I will have to try this sometime.
I do not consider myself a quilter but I do enjoy sewing smaller quilted projects.
When I do a project as such, I usually turn to the traditional piecing method.
Below is the finished piece that I sent to Claudia.....along with a few other little goodies!  It is called 'Hidden Star' done in Americana prints. I could really see this being done in a whole quilt!  Love the prints and the block pattern.
I hope that she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.
These are the black & white fat quarters (fq's) that Claudia sent to me, as well.  I can't wait to work them into a mini-quilt of some sort....hmm....table runner, placemat....or simply a mini-quilt to hang on my sewing room wall.
And I spotted this little bundle of fq's while waiting for the girl to cut interfacing for me at Wal-Mart.  Too cute.....I couldn't resist!  
After participating in that little swap I've been inspired!  Of course, I will share as I go along or as they are finished!

'Sew'......that's what I wanted to share with you today......
Enjoy your day, my friends.........

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Work in Progress.....

Since moving to this house, I've wanted to make this area at the front a flower bed.  So finally, after 10+ years, last summer I finally got started on it. 
My son hauled in some more dirt.....
An old concrete bench was set into place....This bench came from my Grandma and Grandpa Summer's place in Salisbury.  I don't know if there is a story to it or not....I just remember it always being there. Their place sold many years ago after their passing but knowing the family that lives there now, they let me have it. I will forever be grateful!
 I also set in an old wringer washer and old wash tub that were used by my mother and grandmother.  The section of picket fence is from my high school home economics teacher and then I added the old water pump that I brought with me from our old place.
The plant to the left of the bench is a hydrangea that I bought last year but didn't get planted.  It sat out back in the container that I purchased it in.......all winter! I was SO pleased (and surprised) to see that it survived!
And you can see it is doing well....full of flowers!
I've added a few more plants....pussy willow, russian sage,  coneflower, spirea and jewel of desert ice plants and a butterfly bush.  I also painted the water pump....hoping that it shows up better as red than black.
 I have a ways to go....lots more to go in the ground and in the old washer and wash tub.  Lay out more landscape canvas, mulch and edging also need to be added.  I'll share more as I get things set  and as things fill out.  As I've been writing this post, I've come to realize that this is becoming more of a memory garden then just a flower garden.  I hope it comes out as nice and pretty as I see it pictured in my mind! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What better way to..... say I'm back to the blogging world than with pics of this sweet girl! 
We recently celebrated her 5th....yes, that's right.....her 5th birthday!  Where has the time gone?! 
For months, when asked what she wanted for her birthday, she would say with excitement "I hope I get a sewing machine!!" So....what is a sewing momo to do than to get her a sewing machine. 

Yes, it's a toy machine but it tickled her to pieces.....

And seeing her "sew" excited about it tickled me to pieces!