Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Snow...

Just thought I'd share what it looks like out my front door this morning!This started last night...on the 29th! My grandma always said the date of your first tracking snow determined the number of snows you'd have in that year! 29? YIKES!!!

Went to church this morning then stayed for hanging of the greens...John even surprised me and went with... this is a little dark...I'm gonna have to bring out my book to see what I can do to help with that!

SO pretty...thought about getting my own decorations out but think I'd better wait another day or two...have other things that need doin' this afternoon so I'd better get busy!
Have a wonderful day...stay warm and dry!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A quiet Saturday....

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and a blessed Thanksgiving day! As I mentioned before, I cooked here for both sides of the family....we had 35 here...whew! And would you believe we still had leftovers?!! Awhile after dinner, they all went home and I was left with a couple hours to myself before friends Sherrie and Linda got here to pick me up to go to the Midnight Madness Sale at the Village Mall in Lake of the Ozarks! We went last year and decided that we had so much fun and got such great bargains that we'd do it again! And we did!! Great deals...made a good dent in my Christmas shopping and I want you to know I didn't bother tryin' to stash things once I got home, I got them boxed and wrapped and they are sitting in the living room waiting for the tree!
You wouldn't believe the line at the Coach store! We got there at 11:15, some stores opened a bit earlier than midnight...there was a long line already at way was I waitin' in line for that...I don't have a coach bag and don't want one that bad! We finally did venture in there before we left...there were a couple bags I liked but not THAT much! Anyways...
John finally made it home late last night...he's been enjoyin' the leftover turkey as turkey salad. He & the boys went out this morning and cut some much needed firewood! That huge stack I showed you some weeks back...GONE! Temps are starting to drop again...trying to rain today &/or turn to snow later tonight!
This is the path right behind our leads back to where they're cutting...of course Lucy had to go with me then three of the cats showed up! They're not about to miss a walk!!
While John & Ely worked on splittin' in one area & loaded one truck...
...Briar loaded this one.
While it's been a quiet day, it's been busy...had a quick run to the grocery store earlier...doin' laundry...bakin' pumpkin pie...chocolate cake. Need the cake for hanging of the greens at church tomorrow. We always serve a light lunch & desserts right after worship service then decorate the church. Maybe one day this week I'll get my tree up and the house decorated!
Hope you are having a great weekend...I have a crock pot full of chili and the last load of laundry I'm doin' in the dryer. I think I'm going to light the fireplace and bring out some stitchin'. I finally got all my colors for my new counted cross stitch patterns!

Have a good night!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Thought I'd pop in to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving....I hope you have a blessed day ... spending time with family and friends ... filling it with wonderful memories!

What ARE your Thanksgiving plans? I'm cooking here this year....for what started to be my side of the family since my in-laws were planning to leave for Texas already.... but that hasn't happened .... Pops kept putting it off because of a building project so now they are not leaving til the day after Thanksgiving. So, since I'm cooking anyways, I'm having dinner for both sides! Not all of Johns family will be here as they have other plans, but there will still be lots of folks here! It's supposed to be around 54*.... nice enough kids...both young and old, can "play" outside....Ely will set up the soccer nets.... and horseshoes...
I spent yesterday pickin' up and cleanin' to make room! I think I might have to work for a little while today, but this afternoon I'll be makin' my desserts & finding as much kitchen counter as possible.....tomorrow the turkey, ham and all the fixin's....everyone coming will bring favorite Thanksgiving dishes from their kitchen as well! John will miss dinner....but will be home for the weekend....I think! Sometimes things have a way of changing at the last minute.
I also cleaned and filled the hot tub yesterday.... it's been "broke down" for several months now .... I SO wish I hadn't put it off for so long...I really coulda used it last night! The guy is supposed to be here Friday to check it out!!
Well, I supposed I've rambled on long enough this morning...I really do need to get busy....Oh...I also wanted to share a pic of that holiday potpourri I told you about in a previous post....see? Not your typical potpourri.....


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh girls....ya just gotta go visit....

...all the neat places I visited yesterday! My friends Sherrie and Linda met me at my house bright and early yesterday morning and off we went! Lebanon, Illinois was first....a historic little town of about 4000 where the main street is lined with old buildings and a brick road! There are several really neat stores there but my two favorites are 'As the Crow Flies' and 'The Calico Moon'. Both stores are just FULL of wonderful primitives....candles, wreaths, pictures, santas, name it....oh my goodness! Just beautiful!! In addition to all that, The Calico Moon has an upstairs FULL of more treasures AND fabrics, patterns, wools & rug hooking supplies...not that I'm a hooker, but I LOVE the wools!.....We also found a little flea market on our way out of town where we all found some treasures as well! This photo shows the treasure I picked up in Lebanon and Mt. Vernon....the gingerbread men I picked up for my mil's gingerbread tree....the "cookies" smell WONDERFUL!!! The little cello-bag is a holiday potpourri....I need to snap a pic of that and post cute!! Not your typical holiday potpourri!

Then off we went...we decided we'd go on down to West Frankfort to Arnetts Country Store holiday open house then stop in Mt Vernon on the way back and grab a late lunch somewhere inbetween....but on the way, I had a handsome truck driver call me for us to meet him & another driver at a truck stop just off the interstate in Mt. Vernon & he'd buy us lunch! LOL...those of you that know me, know that my husband is an over-the-road driver and we just happened to cross paths yesterday...he runs that neck of the woods on a regular basis! We wrapped up lunch & we said our "love yous & be carefuls" & off we went!

I think we reached Arnetts around 2....If you've never visited Arnetts, you can get a sneak peek on their web site or . I hope that's right! What an awesome early american primitive store!! I'd been there before about a year and a half ago and have wanted to go back since! FINALLY made the time to go!! These are my treasures from Arnetts...

We got the jeep loaded up...Sherrie bought a small table and a fairly large wall shelf w/pegs....and off we went back to Mt. Vernon to The Olde Homestead.... fyi her web addy is . Another awesome primitive store! She has also been featured in the Primitive Gatherings magazine! I had also visited this store before and I was SO hoping that Sherrie & Linda enjoyed them as much as I did....which they did!

We looked for another store that I had visited once before in Mt. Vernon but she has apparently moved, as the place looked empty.
We made it back to my house around 10:30....we stopped for breakfast in Wentzville at the Waffle House....a fine dining establishment that I enjoy stopping at for breakfast while out and about & a place that neither Sherrie or Linda had the pleasure of! LOL And...on the way home I found out that that handsome truck driver that bought our lunch was going to be going home on a fluke! He made it home before I did!!

I'm already making a list of things that I need to email Arnetts about....Sherrie decided she needs some stockings as Linda & I bought....and I'm wanting more of them too!

It was a GREAT day....I think we done some pretty good shoppin' & covered alot of territory for just a day!!
Nice weather, good friends, awesome shops and a handsome fella to buy lunch...what more could a girl want?!

Today isn't as excitin'...but not as costly...shhh.....LOL....went to church this morning but doin' laundry this afternoon.
So how have you spent your weekend? Do post a comment....I enjoy hearing from you!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How is your week going?

I hope you are all's been kind of a busy week. We had a beautiful day yesterday...I think it reached the 60* they were calling for so I spent a good part of the day outside cleaning up around the yard.

I'm not going to ramble on this evening...I would like to request your thoughts and prayers for my older sister, Marsha, who had a lumpectomy last week and returned to the doctor today to find out that they missed a small bit and will be going in again this next Wednesday. Stage 1. We will learn more after this next visit whether chemo &/or mastectomy is necessary.

Thank you so much....God Bless.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girls In My Circle

Found this in my email when I got home this evening...sent by my sister-in-law, Sheila.....I don't know who the author is but I want to share it with you all anyway....maybe you'd like to share it with the girls in your circle!!

When I was little, I used to believe in the concept of one best friend,
And then I started to become a woman.
And then I found out that if you allow your heart to open up,
God would show you the best in many friends.
One friend is needed when you're going through things with your man.
Another friend is needed when you're going through things with your mom.
Another will sit beside you in the bleachers as you delight in your children and their activities
Another when you want to shop, share, heal, hurt, joke, or just be.
One friend will say, 'Let's cry together,'
Another , 'Let's fight together,'
Another , 'Let's walk away together.'
One friend will meet your spiritual need,
Another your shoe fetish,
Another your love for movies,
Another will be with you in your season of confusion,
Another will be your clarifier,
Another the wind beneath your wings.
But whatever their assignment in your life,
On whatever the occasion,
On whatever the day,
Or wherever you need them to meet you with their gym shoes on and hair pulled back,
Or to hold you back from making a complete fool of your self .
Those are your best friends.
It may all be wrapped up in one woman, But for many, it's wrapped up in several..
One from 7th grade,
One from high school,
Several from the college years,
a couple from old jobs,
On some days your mother,
On some days your neighbor,
On others, your sisters,
And on some days, your daughters.

So whether they've been your friend for 20 minutes or 20 years,
Pass this on to the women that were placed in your life
To make a difference.
Thanks for being in my circle.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A nice weekend....

Good Morning All! I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was off to a start on Friday...I decided to play....well, once my work was done. In spite of the cold and rain, I picked up my sil, Sheila, and my niece that we call Miss B and we headed out to the craft show. It had been YEARS since I'd been to the Moberly show. I managed to find a few things.....mostly candles! We grabbed a bite of lunch then puttered around downtown Moberly, checking out a couple stores we'd not been to since they'd opened. I did not know (Sheila did) that there was a "paint your own pottery" place! SO cool....I didn't think it was something I could or would be interested in doing but the more I looked around at what she has available and how simply it could be painted, we decided that we'd book her shop for an evening, invite a few friends & have a girls night out painting pottery! Doesn't that sound like fun?!!!
Well, we ventured on to a little antique mall that Sheila hadn't been to...'The Odd Pear', where I found this necklace...isn't it the neatest thing?!! This is the type of jewelry I'd like to make for myself! We finally had to call it a day......her youngin's were gettin' home from school and I had plans for the evening.......
So....Friday evening went to a work dinner party with my youngest sister Denni. It was held at 'The Pear Tree' in Bevier....small town, nice restraunt that attracts people in droves...must have a reservation at least for the weekend. A very nice evening.....she spent the night rather than driving back to Columbia so on Saturday morning, we went to town.....she liked my necklace so much that even though I told her there wasn't another one, she had to go see for herself! We also hit another antique mall and between the two places, I found these three things.....I won't be keeping them, the jug will be turned into a lamp and the basket and kettle will hold trees and they all will be taken to Randolph Mercantile later this week!

We also went up to see our sister, Marsha, who'd had a lympectomy last please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, if you would!
Denni went home, kids were out doing their own thing, so I spent the afternoon, doing chores and finally curling up in my chair, watchin' movies and working on a punchneedle project. I'd just gotten two new cross-stitch patterns from Notforgotten Farm in my mailbox that day, but didn't have all the recommended thread colors so settled on a punchneedle project. Making progress!!
Besides laundry, that's what I worked on yesterday too once I got back home from church.
I can't remember when I last spent so much time at home as I have over this past week!
It's deer season here...Ely got an 8 pt yesterday morning....I was on my way to church so I couldn't get a pic of it....and they didn't think a thing about taking a pic with the camera phone!
Anyhoo....I guess I've rambled on long enough this morning.....time to get busy!! Have a GREAT day!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New additions to the family...

As if we don't have enough animals around sil Debbie was waiting for me when I got home with two kittens who needed a new home....they had been passed off to her while at work today. She couldn't take them home as she's already our neighborhood cat lady! LOL...Love ya Deb!! So I took them in...I'm such a sucker!! They are so sweet. Since Lucy gives anything that shows up around here the what-for, we brought them into the house for just a few minutes and let Lucy and Salem get aquainted with them. So, meet Harley and Clyde...

They were just distracted by Lucy.....what do you think was running thru their minds?

Salem, checking out Clyde.....can you tell that Clyde isn't too sure about this? Look at the "POOF" of that tail!! LOL

Now Harley doesn't seem to be as uptight as Clyde.....

And I think Salem is relieved that they've both been put outside now....they'll live outside and learn to be good little mousers!!
So what's been going on in your world this week? I've managed to get two days at home but as I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent them altering a couple of bridesmaid dresses.
Tomorrow is the start of the two-day craft show in Moberly. I've not been to one of their craft shows in several years. Since I've got to go have my Jeep serviced tomorrow, I think I'll go pick up Sheila and go see what's new!
Something else I've been meaning to mention.... Have you been into a Michaels lately? The store that I shop at is in Columbia and they've recently redone the place. I was overwhelmed! So I've been in there twice now since then and the jewelry making section has so totally impressed me that I bought a book! It is not my intention to make jewelry to sell....possibly an occasional piece, but mostly for myself and for gift-giving. I want to do my homework first. Learn what tools are absolute for a about different techniques before I try to master them in one project without any knowledge at all....I don't want to go all gung-ho with buying things just because I "might" use it one day as I've done with fabrics & threads over the years. I just want the general tools, plan a project & get it done. I don't want to end up being just a collector of supplies because I've overwhelmed myself with all the unnecessary things.
This is the booklet I bought, which was highly recommended by the Michaels associate. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you...

It's a cold, dreary day here in our parts. I've had a cold for a couple days now and I'm staying in today and working by the fireplace. I'm altering two bridesmaid dresses for a wedding this Saturday, something I should have had done already! I'm just about done with one and the second one awaits but I wanted to take a break from that to come here and say thanks to all our veterans and to those currently serving in our armed forces. So.....
THANK YOU for all you have given and sacrificed to help make and keep our country free and giving us the freedoms that we have.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another VERY busy day!

Another very busy day at the open house! It's always interesting to see what people buy and to hear how they are going to use it!
Those attending today shopped to the sounds of ragtime musician, Bob Ault.
(sorry, don't know why this pic came out so dark..hmm...)

Getting me in that holiday spirit!!

I hope to catch a nice day sometime in this next week and get out my Christmas greens for my front porch! I'm usually out there in the wind, rain, sleet, snow.....putting it up! I want to try to avoid that this year!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Friday already...

Where did this week go? It's Friday night...John's are out. Ely did light the fireplace before he left, so Salem has taken his spot on the hearth and Lucy is camped out at the front window since she went crazy after hearing a doorbell ring on tv!

I stopped in to the mercantile today to drop off a couple of my little decorated trees and maybe take a few photos. It was SO busy I ended up staying and working most of the day! Working these open house events is always so much fun for me.....even though it makes me miss having my own store! I thought I'd share a few pics I took today...entice you a little bit with all the Christmas & holiday decor!!

So there are just a few....I'll post more later! So big plans for your weekend? Whatever you're doing...have fun!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A couple more pics....

Just wanted to share a couple more pics of the mercantile.....these were taken during the fall open house!

Vintage linens, crocks, pictures, dolls.......

Old cupboards, wood totes and shutters, wreaths, garlands....

And SO much more! Each year I ask myself how it can get any better but it does! I stopped in yesterday and they are busy busy getting things ready for this weekend!
I hope you're having a great week! I'm still trying to adjust to the time change!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Open House Weekend...

I pulled out some Christmas things leftover from last year to get ready for this weekend and suddenly thought I'd not posted about this here yet. I can't believe it's that time already! The rest of the year will fly!!
I'll be working there all day Saturday...then on Sunday afternoon! Stop in and say HI if you're in the area!! You won't want to miss it!

Don't miss the
Holiday Open House.....

Friday, November 7th...10 am - 8 pm
Saturday, November 8th...9 am - 5 pm
Sunday, November 9th...10 am - 4 pm

Come in for a sip of hot apple cider while you browse all that Randolph Mercantile has to offer this holiday season!
This year, we welcome two special guests...
on Friday, Santa will be here from 4:00-7:00.
Then on Saturday, shop to the sounds of ragtime musician,
Bob Ault of Blackwater.

Free gift with any purchase.
$30 purchase receive an extra free gift.
Spend $100 and receive both free gifts AND
a Randolph Mercantile sweatshirt!
Well, it's starting to get late so I'd better get busy!! Much to do today!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Time Change...

Did you remember to set your clocks back Saturday night when you went to bed? Yep, I did...and my body is protesting this morning...cause at 5:00 a.m. it was telling me that it was time to get up! So I'm on...and thought I'd just check in here before it starts to get busy around here.

It was quite a weekend. Saturday night, I ended up going over to Illinois and picking up John so he could be home for the gathering yesterday. I'll be taking him back over today. It's just cheaper to drive over in a vehicle than him bobtail the truck home. I swapped vehicles w/Pops so we could haul back some 50 gal plastic barrels...something everyone around this farm is wanting! 50 gal barrels and 5 gal buckets are always in demand on a farm! Anyways, I'm hoping for some treasure seeking time on the way home this afternoon if it's not too late.

The gathering was so nice yesterday. Not only did we get to see our friends from Goose Bay, but we also got to see John's sister and her girls, that we've not seen for several years.
I had to cut it short this morning and didn't get to publish my post so here I am...making myself stay up so that I might sleep til the alarm sounds in the morning! I took John back to IL....and checked out a couple antique malls on the way back...didn't buy anything....just browsed. Didn't buy anything until I hit the Ben Franklin in Monroe City where I picked up some scrapbook papers to add to my scrapbooking supply collection and some fabric for a new little project that I hope to show you very soon! I also came home with a flat guess what I'm doing tomorrow afternoon? tires for the Jeep. We'd been talkin' about it for a few months anyway just hadn't done it yet...somethin' about turnin' loose of $600! Know what I mean? Need them but not so bad you have to do it right now kind of thing. I do. Anyways...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do if she wants to keep makin' fun little road trips every now and again, right?!
I want to remind you to go vote tomorrow!! There are still a few that I'm undecided on and probably will be until I step into the voting booth.

Well, I'm REALLY gettin' droopy eyed body is tellin' me it's past 10 know, I used to not go to bed til 1,2 even 3:00 in the morning then get up at 7 and go all day....I hardly ever stay up late anymore....I've gone from being a night owl to an early bird.

Okay....hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.....don't forget to go vote McCain/Palin!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Ramblings...

I want to share the "treat" that I got last night from my trick-or-treater football player nephew, Evan. He had his mama draw the face on and he colored it all in! Isn't that just the sweetest thing?!

I slept in this morning til almost 8:00 and that is SO not like me. Maybe that's why I woke with such a terrible headache so popped tylenol right off. So after coffee and my internet time, I put the leash on Lucy and we went for a walk. I started walking again just this last Thursday then missed it yesterday by the time I got home from work and with Halloween so I got back after it this morning. The first of October I joined my sil's team in the 'Shape Up Missouri' campaign. We track our weight and minutes of physical activity over several weeks and I've not been doing too good in either department. I've not really gained or lost, just always fluxuating a couple pounds so I decided it's time to take things seriously. With all this candy in the house it's a true test of willpower! Not that I'm leaving it alone, I'm just trying to keep it within limits! Try to eat regular meals and cut out all the junk!

So as if Halloween candy isn't enough of a test, we are having a little gathering at Mom & Pops tomorrow so I've been working in my kitchen today. Chocolate cheesecake seems to be a favorite from my kitchen so that's one thing I've made as well as a cheeseball, a couple dips....will probably toss some cocktail sausages in a crockpot in the morning with my very detailed sauce mix....bottled bbq sauce and grape jelly! (I won't even mention the blackberry cobbler Mom will be making) So while working, I was thinking about my favorite things that I like to use in my kitchen & thought I'd share them with you can see I'm a big fan of Pampered Chef and after taking this photo I realize that I left out my deep dish baker and pizza stone!

My absolute favorite is the kitchenaid mixer that my dear sweet hubby got me for my birthday several years ago! I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything!

Well here's the cheesecake fresh from the oven! I think I'll drizzle it with caramel then spinkle with a handful of chopped pecans!

The weather is beautiful so I think I'm going to go outside in a bit, once I get the dishwasher emptied and loaded again! I'm sure there are things out there that need my attention!
So what are you doing with your Saturday....your weekend? I hope you're having a GREAT one!!