Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Friday already...

Where did this week go? It's Friday night...John's are out. Ely did light the fireplace before he left, so Salem has taken his spot on the hearth and Lucy is camped out at the front window since she went crazy after hearing a doorbell ring on tv!

I stopped in to the mercantile today to drop off a couple of my little decorated trees and maybe take a few photos. It was SO busy I ended up staying and working most of the day! Working these open house events is always so much fun for me.....even though it makes me miss having my own store! I thought I'd share a few pics I took today...entice you a little bit with all the Christmas & holiday decor!!

So there are just a few....I'll post more later! So big plans for your weekend? Whatever you're doing...have fun!!

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MaggieH said...

Oh my!! So many goodies! I would love to shop there!