Saturday, November 29, 2008

A quiet Saturday....

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and a blessed Thanksgiving day! As I mentioned before, I cooked here for both sides of the family....we had 35 here...whew! And would you believe we still had leftovers?!! Awhile after dinner, they all went home and I was left with a couple hours to myself before friends Sherrie and Linda got here to pick me up to go to the Midnight Madness Sale at the Village Mall in Lake of the Ozarks! We went last year and decided that we had so much fun and got such great bargains that we'd do it again! And we did!! Great deals...made a good dent in my Christmas shopping and I want you to know I didn't bother tryin' to stash things once I got home, I got them boxed and wrapped and they are sitting in the living room waiting for the tree!
You wouldn't believe the line at the Coach store! We got there at 11:15, some stores opened a bit earlier than midnight...there was a long line already at way was I waitin' in line for that...I don't have a coach bag and don't want one that bad! We finally did venture in there before we left...there were a couple bags I liked but not THAT much! Anyways...
John finally made it home late last night...he's been enjoyin' the leftover turkey as turkey salad. He & the boys went out this morning and cut some much needed firewood! That huge stack I showed you some weeks back...GONE! Temps are starting to drop again...trying to rain today &/or turn to snow later tonight!
This is the path right behind our leads back to where they're cutting...of course Lucy had to go with me then three of the cats showed up! They're not about to miss a walk!!
While John & Ely worked on splittin' in one area & loaded one truck...
...Briar loaded this one.
While it's been a quiet day, it's been busy...had a quick run to the grocery store earlier...doin' laundry...bakin' pumpkin pie...chocolate cake. Need the cake for hanging of the greens at church tomorrow. We always serve a light lunch & desserts right after worship service then decorate the church. Maybe one day this week I'll get my tree up and the house decorated!
Hope you are having a great weekend...I have a crock pot full of chili and the last load of laundry I'm doin' in the dryer. I think I'm going to light the fireplace and bring out some stitchin'. I finally got all my colors for my new counted cross stitch patterns!

Have a good night!

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janegem23 said...

I so miss my log chopping days, I just love the smell of fresh cut logs X