Monday, November 17, 2008

A nice weekend....

Good Morning All! I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was off to a start on Friday...I decided to play....well, once my work was done. In spite of the cold and rain, I picked up my sil, Sheila, and my niece that we call Miss B and we headed out to the craft show. It had been YEARS since I'd been to the Moberly show. I managed to find a few things.....mostly candles! We grabbed a bite of lunch then puttered around downtown Moberly, checking out a couple stores we'd not been to since they'd opened. I did not know (Sheila did) that there was a "paint your own pottery" place! SO cool....I didn't think it was something I could or would be interested in doing but the more I looked around at what she has available and how simply it could be painted, we decided that we'd book her shop for an evening, invite a few friends & have a girls night out painting pottery! Doesn't that sound like fun?!!!
Well, we ventured on to a little antique mall that Sheila hadn't been to...'The Odd Pear', where I found this necklace...isn't it the neatest thing?!! This is the type of jewelry I'd like to make for myself! We finally had to call it a day......her youngin's were gettin' home from school and I had plans for the evening.......
So....Friday evening went to a work dinner party with my youngest sister Denni. It was held at 'The Pear Tree' in Bevier....small town, nice restraunt that attracts people in droves...must have a reservation at least for the weekend. A very nice evening.....she spent the night rather than driving back to Columbia so on Saturday morning, we went to town.....she liked my necklace so much that even though I told her there wasn't another one, she had to go see for herself! We also hit another antique mall and between the two places, I found these three things.....I won't be keeping them, the jug will be turned into a lamp and the basket and kettle will hold trees and they all will be taken to Randolph Mercantile later this week!

We also went up to see our sister, Marsha, who'd had a lympectomy last please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, if you would!
Denni went home, kids were out doing their own thing, so I spent the afternoon, doing chores and finally curling up in my chair, watchin' movies and working on a punchneedle project. I'd just gotten two new cross-stitch patterns from Notforgotten Farm in my mailbox that day, but didn't have all the recommended thread colors so settled on a punchneedle project. Making progress!!
Besides laundry, that's what I worked on yesterday too once I got back home from church.
I can't remember when I last spent so much time at home as I have over this past week!
It's deer season here...Ely got an 8 pt yesterday morning....I was on my way to church so I couldn't get a pic of it....and they didn't think a thing about taking a pic with the camera phone!
Anyhoo....I guess I've rambled on long enough this morning.....time to get busy!! Have a GREAT day!!


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

What a pretty Necklace Cindy!!!
I love it, looks like pearls? to wear with jeans!

Make sure you post a picture of the lamp that you make from that beautiful old jug, k?

Blessed be, my sweet Friend,

Shanda said...

Sounds like you all had some fun. Do you know if there is more space to rent at the mercantel store and how much. I am looking to booth rent some space. small space. I have many treasure to set up shop and i love doing this and hope to find some space some where close by that actually has some foot traffic. I am thinking about renting at Boonville at Your Moneys Worth. I am nestled in Jamestown. Right in the middle of nowhwere close it seems.