Thursday, November 13, 2008

New additions to the family...

As if we don't have enough animals around sil Debbie was waiting for me when I got home with two kittens who needed a new home....they had been passed off to her while at work today. She couldn't take them home as she's already our neighborhood cat lady! LOL...Love ya Deb!! So I took them in...I'm such a sucker!! They are so sweet. Since Lucy gives anything that shows up around here the what-for, we brought them into the house for just a few minutes and let Lucy and Salem get aquainted with them. So, meet Harley and Clyde...

They were just distracted by Lucy.....what do you think was running thru their minds?

Salem, checking out Clyde.....can you tell that Clyde isn't too sure about this? Look at the "POOF" of that tail!! LOL

Now Harley doesn't seem to be as uptight as Clyde.....

And I think Salem is relieved that they've both been put outside now....they'll live outside and learn to be good little mousers!!
So what's been going on in your world this week? I've managed to get two days at home but as I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent them altering a couple of bridesmaid dresses.
Tomorrow is the start of the two-day craft show in Moberly. I've not been to one of their craft shows in several years. Since I've got to go have my Jeep serviced tomorrow, I think I'll go pick up Sheila and go see what's new!
Something else I've been meaning to mention.... Have you been into a Michaels lately? The store that I shop at is in Columbia and they've recently redone the place. I was overwhelmed! So I've been in there twice now since then and the jewelry making section has so totally impressed me that I bought a book! It is not my intention to make jewelry to sell....possibly an occasional piece, but mostly for myself and for gift-giving. I want to do my homework first. Learn what tools are absolute for a about different techniques before I try to master them in one project without any knowledge at all....I don't want to go all gung-ho with buying things just because I "might" use it one day as I've done with fabrics & threads over the years. I just want the general tools, plan a project & get it done. I don't want to end up being just a collector of supplies because I've overwhelmed myself with all the unnecessary things.
This is the booklet I bought, which was highly recommended by the Michaels associate. Wish me luck!!

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