Monday, November 3, 2008

Time Change...

Did you remember to set your clocks back Saturday night when you went to bed? Yep, I did...and my body is protesting this morning...cause at 5:00 a.m. it was telling me that it was time to get up! So I'm on...and thought I'd just check in here before it starts to get busy around here.

It was quite a weekend. Saturday night, I ended up going over to Illinois and picking up John so he could be home for the gathering yesterday. I'll be taking him back over today. It's just cheaper to drive over in a vehicle than him bobtail the truck home. I swapped vehicles w/Pops so we could haul back some 50 gal plastic barrels...something everyone around this farm is wanting! 50 gal barrels and 5 gal buckets are always in demand on a farm! Anyways, I'm hoping for some treasure seeking time on the way home this afternoon if it's not too late.

The gathering was so nice yesterday. Not only did we get to see our friends from Goose Bay, but we also got to see John's sister and her girls, that we've not seen for several years.
I had to cut it short this morning and didn't get to publish my post so here I am...making myself stay up so that I might sleep til the alarm sounds in the morning! I took John back to IL....and checked out a couple antique malls on the way back...didn't buy anything....just browsed. Didn't buy anything until I hit the Ben Franklin in Monroe City where I picked up some scrapbook papers to add to my scrapbooking supply collection and some fabric for a new little project that I hope to show you very soon! I also came home with a flat guess what I'm doing tomorrow afternoon? tires for the Jeep. We'd been talkin' about it for a few months anyway just hadn't done it yet...somethin' about turnin' loose of $600! Know what I mean? Need them but not so bad you have to do it right now kind of thing. I do. Anyways...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do if she wants to keep makin' fun little road trips every now and again, right?!
I want to remind you to go vote tomorrow!! There are still a few that I'm undecided on and probably will be until I step into the voting booth.

Well, I'm REALLY gettin' droopy eyed body is tellin' me it's past 10 know, I used to not go to bed til 1,2 even 3:00 in the morning then get up at 7 and go all day....I hardly ever stay up late anymore....I've gone from being a night owl to an early bird.

Okay....hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.....don't forget to go vote McCain/Palin!!

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