Friday, August 15, 2014

Finishes to share.....

In no particular order....just a bit of what's been keeping me busy over the past few weeks.  
This is a revamp of the sunflowers punched piece.  I took it from a woven basket and stitched it to  
a handmade burlap wall pocket.
I like it!  Just add your favorite filler! 
Sunflower design was actually a hooked design by Tonya Robey and was a feature in a previous issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  i just didn't enlarge the pattern!
Celebrate! Another featured project from Primitive Quilts and Projects by Maggie Bonanomi.
Homestead Collection a TwigsNsprigs design.
The Great Pumpkin ...a design by Becky Delsman, another feature project from Primitive Quilts and Projects....This is also another revamp. I stitched the great pumpkin piece last year and had finished it with a wool felt backing and lined a wooden tray with it. Honestly? I didn't care for it so I took it apart and stitched it to this handmade burlap runner and added two more crows.  I LOVE how this turned out!
 This is a set of aprons I made for a cousin who was hosting a gathering for 
breast-feeding Mom's and needed items for door prizes.
Another Twigs design here....Oh My Pumpkin.  This design was featured in a past issue of Mercantile Gatherings magazine.
There are few more aprons but I don't have pics ready yet.
Sew much to do and sew little time!
School starts next week so that means baby girl will be back full time beginning Monday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blackberry Pickin'...

A friend has a "you pick" blackberry patch so this past Saturday morning we went to pick berries.  I thought that Rylee would think it would only be fun for a hot second but she hung with us to pick a whole two gallons!

Got them all washed, frozen, bagged  and back in the freezer.  I'll be going back tomorrow evening for another picking.  Can't have too many blackberries in the freezer!  

Love me some blackberry cobbler!