Friday, May 28, 2010

Garden Thyme...

Good Morning All! It has been a beautiful week here in my little corner of the world.  Busy...but beautiful! Hot....but I'll take it!  After all the snow, ice, cold and rain....I'm SO ready for sunshine and heat! 
I've finally gotten my lavender's a wonder I didn't lose them since they'd been sitting outside in their little greenhouse pots waiting to be planted!  I transplanted the two plants I already had and let's hope I didn't move them at the wrong time.  I've already snipped some of the blooms to well as some of my yarrow...and from the looks of it this morning, I need to snip it again!

And this lambs ear will be ready to cut soon! 

This plant came from a start I received 10 years ago in a friendship garden swap from a lady out in New Hampshire.  I planted her start in the flower garden at my old house and as it grew, and did it grow!...I took a start and brought it to my MIL for her flower bed, at the house I live now! That little start went wild!  It has taken like six years to get it under control....and I still have to weed a little bit of it out at the beginning of the year....I don't know how it spreads so!
And I have finally gotten some gardening done!  It is definitely a make-do garden....Seems when my oldest son moved out, so did the majority of my gardening tools.  So rather than run around to beg and borrow, I made do with what I could find to put plants in.  The tomatoes won't grow fast enough for John!  I have a nice little assortment of veggies with some watermelon and canteloupe as well as some herbs! 
There are few more things I need/want to put in.....hopefully I can squeeze that in sometime today!
I will be taking off a couple days....a little R&R...then I'll get back to work in the sewing room..... finish up this order of quilt blocks!  It's nice to sit down at the sewing machine to work on something other than alterations!

I hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. 
Many THANKS to our service men and women and to their families
who sacrifice SO much!


Friday, May 21, 2010

May Ramblin'....

Where in the world has the month of May gone to? It's two-thirds of the way passed and what have I been doing that I've not been here?  Work.  Work.  And let's see......Oh!  Work!  I know I make it sound like I've been working 24/7....not the case, just feels like it!  Seems there's always something.....

Just want to share a few found treasures with you today.  The first picture are treasures found in an old shed from my folks place. I don't think they even had a clue that this stuff was in there!  Things left there from the old man who lived there before them.  They are wanting to tear it down this year so while I was out there several weeks ago...shoot, I think it was Easter....I went thru the old shed and found these things.  I packed them around in the bed of my truck for weeks! When I finally caught a nice day and got them out and cleaned them up.  There are  a few other things that I forgot about to make the picture! oops! Oh well....

They will all be put to use....somewhere, somehow. 
This next photo is from my little overnighter to Springfield, IL last weekend. 
The old picnic basket is my new needleworks basket. The fabric will be used for some cross stitching.  The jug will most likely become a lamp.  Now to find the time!

It's been gloomy here for several days now, but we are supposed to be getting some sunshine and much warmer temps.  According to google, it's to reach 90 on Sunday?  I'll take it!!!

I hope the sun is shining where you are!  I'm going to work up a few alteration pieces then settle in with some cross stitch and hopefully find a good movie!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Lancaster County is finally finished! I bought this frame from the clearance rack at Hobby was one of those friends and family frames and I really thought that's what I was going to use it for....until I finished and stained this piece and realized they would go so well together! And now I don't have to decide which friends and family photos to use in the frame!  And it's already hanging on my wall....I was going to call it my sampler wall but since I have other stitched pieces hanging there as well, I suppose it's more of a handworks wall.
It looks to be a beautiful day out today!  As much as I need to work outside weeding yet again, I must work at the sewing machine today.  I might get flowers and garden planted sometime! It's pretty much been a muddy mess since we got the garden spot tilled two weeks ago.
Time to get busy....hope you all have a wonderful day!!