Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Back to Ebay.....

I went back to ebay.
It has been SO long since I had listed or bought anything off ebay that I could not get logged in with what info I had so I just had to create a new account....Yea! Cause that's always fun, right!
Since last listing on ebay I have found that they have become much more user friendly.
 I discovered while listing my one small item this morning that there is a free listing promotion going on....for up to 50 items!  Now that's some motivation to get sorting through things in the supply closet.  So, hopefully over the next few days I can get a few more things listed.  No telling what you might find in my listings.....things from my supply closet, the pantry, finishes that have been on the shelf too long or things from my closet. check back often!

Hope you are having a fabulous day!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Recent Project...

Today I'm sharing a project from last fall.  
 Of all the sewing I've done in the past 30+ years I'd never made a T-shirt quilt. 
 Well, here is my first!
Yes, it is a smaller, more of a throw size but it was a good size to start with and a good learning experience.  I understand that there are lots more t-shirts for at least two large quilts.
Could this possibly be a new venture?
We shall see.
I hope you are having a fabulous day!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What I'm Working On.....

..... crocheted baby afghan.  I started this several weeks ago while on a short over-night trip to see our nephew in the hospital.  I've gotten a little further along....I pretty much work on it during the day while Callen is napping or playing or while I watch television of an evening. Needless to say, it's not getting done too quickly!
I learned how to crochet many moons ago learning simple dishcloths and hotpads to doilies and larger afghans.  That eventually got set aside as I got  involved in sew many other things.
Over the past few years I REALLY wanted to pick it up again and I did but couldn't get past dishcloths. Each time I would get that itch and walk through the yarn aisles at the store I would get completely overwhelmed with the selection.....what will I make and how much yarn will I need?
So finally,  I done some (free) pattern searching for simple yet needful things and began to crochet again.  I am still crocheting dishloths, for my own use as well as selling (watch for them in my etsy shoppe soon).  I've made hats, scarves and cowls of which I've donated and gifted.  But I really enjoy making the baby afghans that I will place in my gift closet until one is needed. 
So.....that is one thing I'm working on....what is in your work basket?

Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hello Again World.....

I don't know why I can't keep up with blogging.  However, it's just been since last fall....not like a year or two break as I have done before.
I wonder sometimes with having facebook and instagram if there is really a need for me to blog and I think about shutting the whole thing down then something draws me back.  Not everyone on my facebook wants to hear or read about everything that is going on in my little corner of the world but for those who are interested can simply be directed here.

We've had alot go on in the past several months.  And this little man right here is the greatest blessing!
Meet Callen Oakley born on December 27th.  He adores his big sister, Rylee Brooke and she adores him!
And I get the honor of taking care of him just as I did Rylee.  
LOTS of great adventures are in my future!
Well, if you are here and reading, thanks for stopping in! 

Hope your day is fabulous!