Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What I'm Working On.....

..... crocheted baby afghan.  I started this several weeks ago while on a short over-night trip to see our nephew in the hospital.  I've gotten a little further along....I pretty much work on it during the day while Callen is napping or playing or while I watch television of an evening. Needless to say, it's not getting done too quickly!
I learned how to crochet many moons ago learning simple dishcloths and hotpads to doilies and larger afghans.  That eventually got set aside as I got  involved in sew many other things.
Over the past few years I REALLY wanted to pick it up again and I did but couldn't get past dishcloths. Each time I would get that itch and walk through the yarn aisles at the store I would get completely overwhelmed with the selection.....what will I make and how much yarn will I need?
So finally,  I done some (free) pattern searching for simple yet needful things and began to crochet again.  I am still crocheting dishloths, for my own use as well as selling (watch for them in my etsy shoppe soon).  I've made hats, scarves and cowls of which I've donated and gifted.  But I really enjoy making the baby afghans that I will place in my gift closet until one is needed. 
So.....that is one thing I'm working on....what is in your work basket?

Enjoy your day!

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