Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh girls....ya just gotta go visit....

...all the neat places I visited yesterday! My friends Sherrie and Linda met me at my house bright and early yesterday morning and off we went! Lebanon, Illinois was first....a historic little town of about 4000 where the main street is lined with old buildings and a brick road! There are several really neat stores there but my two favorites are 'As the Crow Flies' and 'The Calico Moon'. Both stores are just FULL of wonderful primitives....candles, wreaths, pictures, santas, name it....oh my goodness! Just beautiful!! In addition to all that, The Calico Moon has an upstairs FULL of more treasures AND fabrics, patterns, wools & rug hooking supplies...not that I'm a hooker, but I LOVE the wools!.....We also found a little flea market on our way out of town where we all found some treasures as well! This photo shows the treasure I picked up in Lebanon and Mt. Vernon....the gingerbread men I picked up for my mil's gingerbread tree....the "cookies" smell WONDERFUL!!! The little cello-bag is a holiday potpourri....I need to snap a pic of that and post cute!! Not your typical holiday potpourri!

Then off we went...we decided we'd go on down to West Frankfort to Arnetts Country Store holiday open house then stop in Mt Vernon on the way back and grab a late lunch somewhere inbetween....but on the way, I had a handsome truck driver call me for us to meet him & another driver at a truck stop just off the interstate in Mt. Vernon & he'd buy us lunch! LOL...those of you that know me, know that my husband is an over-the-road driver and we just happened to cross paths yesterday...he runs that neck of the woods on a regular basis! We wrapped up lunch & we said our "love yous & be carefuls" & off we went!

I think we reached Arnetts around 2....If you've never visited Arnetts, you can get a sneak peek on their web site or . I hope that's right! What an awesome early american primitive store!! I'd been there before about a year and a half ago and have wanted to go back since! FINALLY made the time to go!! These are my treasures from Arnetts...

We got the jeep loaded up...Sherrie bought a small table and a fairly large wall shelf w/pegs....and off we went back to Mt. Vernon to The Olde Homestead.... fyi her web addy is . Another awesome primitive store! She has also been featured in the Primitive Gatherings magazine! I had also visited this store before and I was SO hoping that Sherrie & Linda enjoyed them as much as I did....which they did!

We looked for another store that I had visited once before in Mt. Vernon but she has apparently moved, as the place looked empty.
We made it back to my house around 10:30....we stopped for breakfast in Wentzville at the Waffle House....a fine dining establishment that I enjoy stopping at for breakfast while out and about & a place that neither Sherrie or Linda had the pleasure of! LOL And...on the way home I found out that that handsome truck driver that bought our lunch was going to be going home on a fluke! He made it home before I did!!

I'm already making a list of things that I need to email Arnetts about....Sherrie decided she needs some stockings as Linda & I bought....and I'm wanting more of them too!

It was a GREAT day....I think we done some pretty good shoppin' & covered alot of territory for just a day!!
Nice weather, good friends, awesome shops and a handsome fella to buy lunch...what more could a girl want?!

Today isn't as excitin'...but not as costly...shhh.....LOL....went to church this morning but doin' laundry this afternoon.
So how have you spent your weekend? Do post a comment....I enjoy hearing from you!!


Shanda said...

Boy you did some travel'in yesterday. You sure covered some ground. The store sounds so neat.
I had a wonderful weekend too. I got alot done yesterday and was pleased with how much I got accomplished. Our dinner today was good and everything turned out great except the pecan pie. I used a different recipe and this one turned out runny. My silly hubby loves pecan pie and he ate it with a spooon anyway. Silly man. I had some good coupons fior bath abd body works. 10.00 off a 30.00 order and right now they have there 5 for twenty five sale going on and you can still use the coupon. I also had one for one free item up to 13.00 with any purchase. I bought a 5.00 room spray and got a big 10.00 pillow mist in Jasmine vanilla. I am in love with the black currat vanilla and that is what I meant to get so U am going back to town tomorrow to get my nails done and I'm gonns stop by and exchnage it. I talk with ya when I get back from my trip.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Oh I wish I lived closer to you!
I would have loved to go shopping with you & your friends~ maybe we can meet up sometime & shop, eat & stitch!

Blessed be~