Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coffee Break...

One dress finished.....another almost but it had to go back to the hanger for a spell. It's one of those projects that you work for so long and it get so tedious that it must be set aside to pick up again later with fresh eyes...probably not until tomorrow! Then that leaves one more and that will most likely be a Saturday project.
I've also been working on the counted cross stitch sampler that I mentioned in a previous's coming along nicely and I will show you that when it's complete! I was excited to find out that our new little quilt shop carries the aida cloth that I use in cross stitching! Fabrics, notions, floss and other needfuls! Yea! I am SO glad that we have this little shop!
Remember my chicken story? I understand it brought back memories for some of you! Well I knew I had seen five that didn't get taken but had only been seeing four of them out and about. Well, I finally found the missing hen......just as I had thought, she'd found a good hiding spot to lay some eggs and start sitting! I have no idea how many eggs she may have under there...we shall see in a few weeks!


It was kind of cloudy this spit some rain early in the day....but the temp is nice and the sun is now trying to shine! Going to a high school Art Show with a friend this evening. Until then, guess I'll sew on some diapers....or finish a sampler?

I hope you are having a great....and productive day!!

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Rita said...

I found some eggs too ... in our grill! Yep, the starlings have finally quit building the nest and are officially into the egg-sitting phase. In a few weeks we'll be able to grill again! LOL!