Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

It was such a nice day last Friday! John had gotten home on Thursday so he went mushroom hunting with his dad and brother while I took Mom for an errand. When I got back, I decided to finally work out in the yard! Sticks and twigs all over and you all know how desperately the flower berms needed work! I had finally made the decision to sell my chickens....for several reasons. They were free-range....they've always roosted in the "barn"...they get into the flowers and scratch the mulch and dirt out into the yard...not to mention the pooh everywhere and the constant complaining of my 18 yr old. So, I listed them on Craigs List and received responses almost immediately. With a party coming to check them out on Friday afternoon, I worked in the yard while waiting and guess what I FINALLY got done?

Yep....I finally got to cut down that pampus grass out in the berms! Actually, I need to go back and finish one because ..... Can you see her? That little speck of red...and some black and white in there? I was cutting with electric hedge trimmers.....just cutting away and when I got down so far I noticed that the middle was "hollow". So I get to looking and there she of my mama hens! All puffed up setting on her eggs.............or so I thought! I don't know how I missed her while cutting! The trimmers didn't seem to bother I haphazzardly cut the remaining tall grass then left it to finish later.
The people got there for the chickens and I was showing them mama hen when I see there are a couple little babies in there!
Well to catch free-range chickens! They managed to catch two and get them into a carrier. Them chickens went everywhere! To the little wooded ditch beside the the horse pasture...behind stacks of things in the barn...under the back porch! It was finally decided that they'd go home then come back later in the evening and try again once they were roosting for the night.
NO! I didn't take pics of us running around out there trying to catch 'em!
What a day it was! Between loads of laundry and cooking supper, I done a little more work outside. Ely and Liz came down. The guys got the mower serviced and got started on the yard...looks much nicer now!
Just about the time I thought maybe the folks changed their mind on the chickens, they showed up! So there we all went...running around in the dark trying to catch chickens! They managed to nab a few while they were roosting....then they were all over the place!
We thought they'd gotten all but two but come Sunday morning when I went outside, there were still five! But I think I've got a home for them. So I'm still waking to a rooster or two crowing! Oh...and the mama hen....there ended up being chicks in there with her! Good thing I sold them while they were still so young....we'd of never caught them once they were out running around!! LOL
The rest of the weekend was pretty calm. Glad to of gotten the yard work done when we did cause it's rained pretty much the whole weekend.
John went back to work Saturday night. I went to church Sunday morning then spent the afternoon cleaning on this house!
I finally curled up in my chair with a counted cross stitch project....late night is NOT the time to start that kind of project! Can you say "bifocals"? Yep...I be needin' them! And I need to find me a good work light! This is a little design by Blackbird Designs....they have a little contest going on and I thought it would be fun....a little incentive to get a little fun work done!
I suppose I've rambled on enough for one day...I have two dresses needing altered and diapers to sew too so I'd better get myself busy!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend......Have a GREAT day!!


Shanda said...

Glad you got them sold. I couldn't imagine trying to catch them if they weren't in a coop. Mine were hard enough to try to catch in the small pen. I chased one for about 5 minutes.

I'm off to work in the yard today also. Gotta put mulch out in someplaces that are rready for it. Have to shovel and haul and shovel again every spoon full of it too. We got a dum truck load on Sat and now comes the hard work.

Jackie said...

Your post made me laugh. I grew up on a farm and I can't imagine trying to catch the chickens. I like the sampler you're working on.

Enjoy the sunshine today.

Donna said...

Loved the chicken stories! LOL!

Needlework has a way of letting you know when you need bifocals or reading glasses! I wear contacts, so I use reading glasses when I stitch. For really fine work, I have a nifty light/magnifier set up. It cost me a pretty penny about 10 years ago, but it was well worth it. I can't remember the brand, but it is not a Dazor. It is nice and trim.

I'm a fan of Blackbird Designs too!

terriermama said...

I am still laughing about the chickens and 'mama'. It brought back childhood memories visiting my aunts farm and having to help my cousin Susie catch the loose chickens. Darned things went into the neighbors cornfield and I thought we'd never find all of them. Babies, mama and meantime the rooster was on the roof raising a ruckus!!