Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Ramblin'...

Right after clicking that post button yesterday morning, I went outside only to find that the clouds had taken over the beautiful morning sun that was shining so brightly when I woke! Seems as the day went on, the temperature dropped and there was a light wind. (I know the calendar says it's spring...but dang it sure doesn't feel like it! And those little teaser days sure don't help!)

By the time we got home mid-afternoon, Ely and Liz were here so we played some cards then moved on to the Gamewave trivia game! That game can make a person feel so smart or SO stupid! LOL It was a really nice day.... everyone left about 6:30....I took care of a few things outside then I curled up in my chair with a NCIS marathon on USA.

It doesn't look like it's going to be a very pretty day today. It's almost 7:30 and there's not even a hint of sunshine! Guess after I run my errands I'll just work inside...I never lack for anything to do inside! I've got a little list going of things I need to get done today.....let's hope I succeed!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday.....have a GREAT day!

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Rita said...

No sunshine here today, either. Bummer! I am so ready for spring that I can practically taste it!