Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet Sally.....

She's a rescue from my mother/father-in-laws garage. She just showed up there! And since we brought her home, another one has shown up in their garage but no one has been able to get hold of it.  We're guessin' that someone just dumped them off at the railroad tracks.
It took a couple of days but she has finally warmed up to us.  She stays outside with took a little while for Belle to warm up to her but they're okay now!  And I hope that Belle teaches her her mousin' skills!

She's still not too sure about Lucy! I can't believe she actually let Lucy get that close to her without havin' a hissin' fit! 

So how goes it in your world? Been a busy week for me but caught a little break this afternoon!  I'm gradually getting some work caught up and hope to move on to some fun work in my "free" time here pretty soon! Mercantile open house is just a few weeks away and all I have to take in are a few leftovers from last year! Yikes!

Hope you all are enjoying these beautiful fall days......We really need to go cut some wood and get this fireplace ready!  Anyone wanna come join the party?

Have a GREAT Friday!

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