Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall is here...

And what better way to kick off the fall season than with a weinie roast! We took out a couple of old dead pine trees from the yard and decided to just burn them rather than cut for firewood and everybody knows you can't have a tree burnin' without a weinie roast.
Love sitting around a warm fire on a cool night!
Family and good food...nice weekend!
Looking forward to the church weinie roast/hayride hosted by my sister and her family in a couple weeks!
Well, since I can't seem to remove the photo I'll go ahead and share a finish with you. Little pillow tucks...stitched on osnaburg with hand-dyed floss. I love how they turned out and these have already sold but I don't know if my old eyes can do up another. We'll see!

Time to get busy with the day. Miss Rylee and I have errands to run and a park to visit (it's going to be a beautiful day)!
Enjoy your day!

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