Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Ramblin'...

Hello world! Hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine started bright and early last Thursday.  My sisters, Denni & Marsha, & I, took a little road trip to the little town of Forsyth, MO to visit our great-aunt Ruby.  We surprised her for her 95th birthday!  And she sure was surprised!  It was so good to see her and spend time with her.  95! WOW!  I love hearing the stories.....And can you even imagine all the changes she has seen and been a part of in that time?  
We also got to spend some time with cousins, Sarah, Jimmy & Rachel
and when visiting, you are usually challenged to a game of dominoes....which she usually wins!
Before taking her over to Branson for a little shopping, we stopped at
Forsyth Flower Cottage & Tea Room for lunch! Cute little shop and the food was excellent!

And of course you can't be  in Forsyth on a Friday night and not jog on over to Taneyville for catfish Friday at their little restraunt! Oh my! I don't usually order fish out but this is one place I just gotta!  YUM!

Saturday, Jimmy and Jane (cousin & his wife) came over for a little visiting before Marsha, Denni & I went over to The Landing in Branson for a little shopping.  A little more visiting when we got back, then Denni & I gathered our things and headed for home.  Marsha is staying for a few more days.

I'd actually intended on driving through to get home around dark or just after...HA! We found a couple of antique malls that were still open so of course we had to stop!  I managed to find a few treasures!  Most will be repurposed, though, and taken to the Mercantile.  I will post pics as I work on them.

I hope to plan another trip down soon or at least stop by on our way to or from Fayetteville in a few weeks.

Have a great day!!!

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Shanda said...

So how was your birthday, I had left you a long comment and went blank. I guess it timed out. Sometimes our connection here sucks. Anyway, hope you had a wonderful day and how about this beautiful weather???!!!!