Friday, November 12, 2010

A Productive Thursday...

I had a day off yesterday....a much needed one I might add...and I thought I'd work around the house for a bit then run some errands in town.  Halfway through the day, it felt so good to be working on what I was working on that I talked myself out of going to town.  I finally finished up a few little projects....

I finished the stitching up on this schoolgirl sampler pocket (a Primitive Betty design) weeks ago and finally sewed it into the little will be going to the mercantile later today.
I've had things sitting around in this work room just waiting to be made into lamps and plain shades to be covered and I managed to get a few put together...they will be going to the mercantile as well as a few other little things.
I'm so glad that's how I spent my yesterday as duty calls for today....Mr. Bill called with a stack of pants needing hemmed so will spend part of my day at Duval & Reid then run the errands that I'd put off.
I plan to be back at it when I get home this evening....I have a few works in progress that I hope to get finished up....they've been works in progress for quite some time and I'm determined to get them finished and to the mercantile within the next week!

Enjoy your day!



Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

*sigh* I wish I were as productive as you, Cindy. I swear I mean to be, but I spend so much time doing damage control that it seems like I don't have any time left to take care of the backlog! Ugh!

For some reason, the phrase "stack of pants" makes me laugh. Perhaps I really am losing some of my sanity. :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Cinlyn said...

Well Rita...I can't imagine why you don't have production's not like you have 3 kids that you have to run and pick up after and cook and clean for! lol
"stack of pants"...haha...I sometimes think I need to go back to Mrs. Drew's language class! I wish I had your gift of creative writing!

primitivebettys said...

Oh the pocket finished so sweet! What a great day you must have had! I am so looking forward to some days I can just stay home and create!!! :)

Thank you for stitching & sharing! Your booth at the mercantile must be filled with lots of treasures! Wish I could visit! :)

Have a great day!

Gail said...

Having a day off is about enjoying what you are doing...glad you did.