Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Ramblin'.....

You know that saying "be careful what you wish for..." Well, for those that wished for snow on Christmas, they got their wish! This is the wooded area behind our house and while it does look pretty wasn't so pretty out on the roads! I heard that it caused some churches to cancel Christmas Eve services.  Lots of cars slippin' and slidin' off the roads and highways!
I hope you all had a great Christmas weekend.....blessed with lots of family & friends! Ours sure was!
John was home....Ely, Liz & Briar....all home! Ely & Briar both had to work for awhile on Christmas Eve so John, Liz & myself went to church for candlelight service then on out to my moms for our little gathering there.
Me & my siblings....yep, I'm one of seven, right smack dab in the middle!
Ely & Liz had spent the night with us so we had our own family Christmas on Christmas morning.
Later in the day, we had some friends and family over and even though we all ate way too much, there are still a ton of leftovers in the frig!
Santa was WAY too good to me again this year.....a scarf, a set of embroidered flour sack towels (which are THE best towels), lotions, candles, a digital picture frame, Paula Deen cookbook and rolling pin, a large griddle and a NOOK! 
Now, here it is Monday....back to the regular routine of the work week! However, our client cancelled on us today so I actually have the day off, so I will venture into town here in a little bit to run a few errands.

Enjoy your day!


Sharlotte said...

I'm so happy for you that everyone was home for Christmas! We had a houseful too! Twenty-four to be exact! I am glad that Santa was good to you . You deserve it!

di2009 said...

It sounds like you had a great Christmas. We missed seeing you on Christmas Day. Sounds like there is more determination this year to make the family building happen. That would be so great. Have a great year. This is a great year to become a grandparent!!! I am so excited for you and John (and Ely and Liz).