Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ahh....gotta love spring weather!  We had a beautiful day here Sunday! It was 80 degrees. I got home from church and opened up all the windows, turned on the fans letting all the winter stuffiness out!  After working for an hour or so out in the back yard, I decided it was too windy to try and tackle the flower beds.  I enjoyed the afternoon doing a few chores inside and sitting near the open window with stitching in hand. All was well. And then.....

The weather warnings began.

I'm still not sure if they called it a tornado or just straight line winds. 
Whatever it was, it sure done some damage.

There was little damage here at our house...however, the trailer not quarter mile south of us, it wasn't totally taken out but was hit hard enough to knock it out of sorts.  It's beyond repair and will need to be hauled out.  It belonged to John's cousin, but he had just moved out of it last fall.
John's aunt and uncle who live not quarter mile to the north of us, lost a shed, that also serves as a garage.  And the cousin that lives just across the road, lost the roof to his house and also lost parts of his barn.
A beautiful new home. Built not five years ago because they lost their last home to a tornado that hit 5 years ago.
If ya don't mind, could ya send a little one up for them!
They were on their way home when this happened and apparently had vehicle problems. 

I don't know how it missed us.  We do have a barn that sets southwest of the house and I'm sure blocked alot of that wind, but there wasn't even any damage to the backside of it.
I thank God for that and that no one was hurt in all this.

I hope the sun is shining in your little corner of the world today.
Enjoy your day!

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di2009 said...

We didn't even have any limbs down here. I guess the last tornado took our our weak trees and limbs. Randy, Josh and Scott were able to help Danny move a lot of their stuff on Monday. I am heartsick for them. I can't imagine what they are feeling.