Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My New "Boss".....

Here she is at 2 months....Isn't she beautiful?!  Mama went back to work on the 1st and rather than putting Rylee in daycare (not that aren't good ones out there), I will be staying home to take care of her. 
She's a doll.  Our first day was a little rough....the morning was just fine but certain baby  issues arise and put that on top of first full day away from mama and that can certainly make a little girl cranky.  But we're all good now and have gotten into a routine that I'm sure will change as she gets older. 
Right now, she'll take a pretty good nap after breakfast so I can use that time for work....
either on handmades or on alterations.  
Liz is working at a school so I have weekends, holidays, snowdays and summer break "off"....not that I think this is a job....I consider it a privilege that I get to do this.  And you all know how I've been missing my creative time and this is allowing me to get some of that back. 

I think I mentioned awhile ago that we sold the truck and trailer.  Well, John did find a job driving a dump truck. 
 There will still be some working away from home from time to time but it's much different than what it was.  We are just SO thankful that he found that job when he did and he really likes it.

So, some major changes over the past couple months and we're adjusting. 
I can't believe it's already the middle of September!
Time for weiner roasts and hayrides.....
and  breakin' out the bluejeans, boots and sweaters.
Time to clear off the hearth and clean out the fireplace.
John and his brother got a start on the firewood cutting the other day but it's gonna take lots more!

Enjoy your evening!


Shari said...

Isn't she a little doll! Yes, certainly a lot of changes for you. But really good ones, I think.

And I just love the black cats in your last post - too cute!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Sweet Rylee! I see soooo much of Ely in her. :) I'm sure you've never had a "job" you enjoyed more!!

moosecraft said...

That's one of the sweetest dang baby pictures I've ever seen!!! What a smile! Thanks for sharing!

from me to thee......... said...

Hi, so sweet, yes it is very hard work, but so worth it!!! I left my job 9 years ago to start watching my first grandchild, now I have 5. Two are in school, one in preschool and two babies, and all of them in the summer!!! I have a new appreciation for stay at home moms, since I never was one (my mom watched my 2 girls while I worked). Anyway, enjoy rocking time...smiles, Linda

di2009 said...

You are one lucky lady! Rylee is so cute, and I envy your new "job". I love keeping Maddie and Mason, just wish I didn't have to work full time too! Enjoy!!

Nezzy said...

Well I must say I've never met a more adorable 'boss'. What a precious little sweetheart. Your family is blessed to have you.

God bless and have a most beautiful day sweetie!!!