Sunday, November 11, 2012

Old Quilts...

If old quilts could talk...imagine the stories they could tell! I love quilts...old and new...those made and quilted on a machine and those done entirely by hand. No matter how old, torn and tattered they may become there is still plenty of uses for them....
So besides working on the 'Snowman of Love' pennyrug, I played with an old quilt to make stockings....large ones to hang on the mantle and some small ornament size ones....then while going through my stash of supplies I found a chunk of black burlap and a bag of old trim so I done a little experimenting. I must say...that's one idea that turned out as well as it did in my I've also shared that in the pic too!
They are now available for sale at Randolph Mercantile! I hope to find some time this week to cut into the double wedding ring quilt....but tonight? I'm stitching away on the snowman pennyrug....getting close to being done!
Hope you had a nice weekend! Enjoy your week!

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