Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's Try This Again.....

So much for my day of sewing therapy. We were so lucky on Tuesday....the loss of power lasted maybe a total of 3 hours. Yesterday I was working away in the sewing room then long about noon lights flicker once then BAM! Power out! So.....what to do. Ok put on the work-out gear and head outside. While the phone is charging in the truck I get my workout on by walking to the mailbox and packing in wood for the fireplace. All the while hoping the power would be back on by the time I got done.

No such luck.

So......back inside...making the necessary adjustments to the fireplace (we don't have a typical fireplace) and break out the reading material and handwork. And that is what I'm sharing with you in the photos below....
FOLK magazine...I took advantage of their subscription special they had first of the year. I received my first copy a couple weeks ago....and I like what I'm seeing and reading so far!
Then there's my handwork....I managed to get some split nine-patch blocks sewn together before losing power so got that sandwiched together to start hand quilting. As you can see I am NOT a stitches can still be a little wonky. That's why I like these smaller projects.......they're great practice for a larger project in the future. and stitch and a few chores that wouldn't require power...I think I even caught a 15 minute nap in there somewhere. Finally at 8:00 last night I packed up Lucy and Salem and went home with my son. Got back home early this morning and thank goodness the power is back!  Let's hope it's on to stay! Being snowed in doesn't bother me and being without power during the day doesn't really bother me as there is plenty to keep me busy....but once the sun goes down I'm at a standstill.
We are sure spoiled by all of our modern conveniences aren't we....well, I know I am!
Well, it's time I get busy....need to make up for yesterday! I think I might even do some baking today...there's a couple of neighbors I need to bake thank-you's  for blading snow and setting out hay for the horses! A small token in comparison.
Hope you are staying warm and have power.....Enjoy your day!

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