Friday, February 1, 2013

Upcycling denim...

I have forever struggled with the thought of throwing out old jeans....for whatever reason...I just felt that they could be used in some way. Of course there's the usual of keeping a pair just to use for patching other jeans.
I recently searched on Pintereat to see what others were doing with their old denim.....
From comes the half-square triangle quilt and I've had more repins from that one pin than any other.
From is the rag quilt....looks like the denim has been paired with homespun flannel.
And from Edana by Angry Chicken on flickr is the little toddler apron. I was very much inspired by this little apron and have already made several.
For some reason I don't have the info for the ruffled apron.....
You can visit my Pinterest boards or search Pinterest to see more....and hopefully be inspired to UPcycle some of your old denim!
Enjoy your day!

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