Friday, May 30, 2014

A Weakness for Table Linens...

...and I know there's more stashed around the house.
Some I received in swaps.
  A weakness when out treasure shopping in flea markets or antique shops.
And some are from passed family.
Plain, cross-stitched, crocheted or tatted edges.
John's Grandma Merle and Great-Aunts seemed to put a crocheted or tatted edge on everything.
I just love the piece on the right in the above photo.
Embroidered floral designs. Some are faint and frayed from years of use.
Tablecloths. Napkins. I think a hankie or two or three are in the mix as well.
Dresser scarves. Look at that stitching! And it's just as beautiful on the backsides.
So beautiful and delicate. 
I do use and will continue to use many of these pieces.
 I am inspired by this collection and will be taking a select few, the few that have really seen better days and repurpose them and give them new life! 
Stay tuned....I've actually already started.....

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