Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What I've Been Working On.....

Aside from a few alterations for the clothing store, I've not been spending much time at the sewing machine.  I've been doing some cross stitching. I've sewn backings to all three to make small pillow tucks but someone forgot to pick up more fiber fill in town....I may have to use some other filler options that I have in my supply stash. As soon as they are complete, I will be placing them in my etsy shop!

Awhile back I made up a few tobacco stick stars and decided to add a little something to one for my front porch.
Some white lights.....
.....a bow with long flowing tails of natural and red burlap ribbon......
.....and a small American flag.  Ready for the Fourth!
That's just one way to dress up one of these stars.
I recently found some bottle caps in my scrapbooking supplies and there is never a lack of scraps in my fabric cupboard so I've been playing with these and will share the finishes with you soon!
I'm planning to get back to the sewing machine tomorrow....fabrics, vintage linens and jeans to be upcycled all await to be sewn into something magnificent!
Hope you are having a fabulous week!

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