Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's June already!!

Well good morning all! I hope you've all had a wonderful week! Can you believe it's already June?! The yard mowing and weed eating is in full swing. The garden is in. Briar finally got his green beans planted. The tomatoe plants are goin' to town I tell ya! I need to be getting some cages around them soon! I've got a little room left out there I might get a couple of watermelon plants to set out....Ely was a little disappointed to see that I didn't have any out there!
I spent from last Thursday night until Saturday morning out with John in the truck. I usually take along a good book and some handwork.....I finished up the little 'Time' cross stitch piece (Primitive Betty's) before I left then took along the 'Love Grows' stitchery piece (Notforgotten Farm) and got most of it done then finished it when I got home! Now to get both into actual finished pieces!

I worked outside yesterday morning and when I got done I decided to work in something that I hadn't for quite some time......grubby wax! I found a box of candles and had some bars of soap so I done a grubby wax on them and wrapped them with cheesecloth and twine. While out and about last week, I found some old tin items so I got them worked into little somthin's..... and over the weekend, I had done some digging and found the two little wool projects started weeks ago so they got finished yesterday too!! Yea Me!! They are all done, tagged and ready to go to the Mercantile! Now, before I start anything else, I have to get some more of my unfinished items done! A bear...a doll that hold tulips...another sweet stitchery from Notforgotten Farm...an apron...if I dig deep enough, who knows what other ufo's I might find!

To top off my day....my sister Susan, her hubs Michael and my nephew Evan showed up last night so Michael could switch out the ceiling fan/light for a regular ceiling light here in my computer/sewing room! More light...I can see better!! And while he was here, he figured out the problem with the ceiling fans and outlets on my back porch! That being done, we can spend more time out there....We turned our air on over a week ago and you know once it's on....it's on. With all the windows and the fans on the back porch, it can be quite comfortable to sit out there and stitch or scrapbook while watching a movie or just listening to the sounds of living in the country. In fact, I think I might even drag one of my sewing machines out there today to work. Maybe I'll get some of those ufo's done?!

So what's going on in your world today?


Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Hey, I was just wondering this morning where you'd been! Guess you answered that question! :)

I got a tomato plant at the farmer's market this past Saturday. I have yet to plant it, though, so it's still sitting in a plastic pot on my counter ... oops.

WoolenSails said...

You have gotten a lot of creative work done and made some beautiful pieces.


Shari said...

Sitting on the porch with a bit of sewing sounds divine! Hope you get to!

Denni said...

what you weren't happy to see me that night? Just Sue, Michael & Evan? LOL I forgot about the grubby wax candle things....cute!