Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday, Monday.....

Let's see....this past week was rather quiet until the weekend. I got to spend alot of time at home. I worked on projects started long ago.... worked on new ones. The apron is done! This one is for me but I will soon be making more to put in my Etsy shop and/or in the Mercantile. I'd picked up these little baby shoes just the other day along with one of those old iron shoe form, and I still had an old zinc lid in my stash and I used all of them as bases for some make-do pin keeps. I got the 'Time' cross stitch piece made into a little hanger and I found this 'gift to God' piece in my stash of UFO's so I finished that into a little hanger too! I do need to put some finishing touches on the pin keeps. I also worked on a few other things....the bear and doll I mentioned in a previous post, then found a couple of snow angels I started...Hmm....was it LAST year or the YEAR BEFORE? So they are staying on my work table so that I'm sure to finish them up before I move on to much of anything else!

John was home for a while on we planned on dinner out with Jayson and Sheila....we were planning on going to Lula's for a nice big ribeye! We pulled up...Wow! plenty of parking......their porch light was on....summer hours posted on the door....along with their vacation hours which happened to be all of last week! Durn!!! So we opted for the Italian restraunt...Coco Pazzo's. It's been open here for quite some time....maybe 5 years and we had not set foot in the place! Well, I'm here to tell ya, I will be going again and I won't be waitin' no 5 years to do it! It was REALLY good! I'd been SO hungry for manicotti but wouldn't make it because no one here to eat it so that's what I had and it was SO good! I might also mention that they have an awesome chocolate cake!!
Last Wednesday was my sister Susan's 40th birthday. So, sister shopping trip on Saturday to the Village Mall down by the lake. We had a great time... and Marsha, our oldest sister went with us this time!

And it seems like no matter where we go shopping, we always find ourselves at a Wal-Mart! I sure didn't mind...this one had a Starbucks and after a day of shopping, I really needed a cup of coffee!

Here are my sisters .... Marsha, Denise, Susan and Denni.....

We finally decided we'd all gone to all the places we needed to or wanted to and headed to dinner at The Outback Steakhouse....they have this chopped salad with pecans and blue cheese...Mmm...SO was a nice change from the regular house or ceasar salads.

We headed for home....all of us just beat but ready to do it all again.......

The next birthday trip will be for my birthday in July....Hmm....what to do....where to go?!


Our Dad's birthday is today, so yesterday, we had a little gathering at my sisters after church. Some of us just sat around and yacked under the shade tree while others fished, rode bikes or jumped on the trampoline!

Here are my nephews...Andrew, Evan and Peyton....bouncing on the trampoline! Andrew and Evan were lovin' it but I think Pey was afraid he was gonna get bounced off!!


I don't know how many times I'd been out to the back porch or out the back door after I got home yesterday afternoon and didn't see this ...... Briar and Calli were headed out when they spotted this guy out in the back yard! He must of been headed to the creek or the pond....and who said turtles are slow? I don't think it had even been an hour after taking his pic that I went to see which direction he was headed and I couldn't even find him! He was gone!


I hope you had a nice's time I get off this thing and get myself busy! Playtime is over and work is waiting! Have a WONDERFUL day!!


Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Denni told me all about the shopping trip ... sounds like you guys had such a good time! Maybe sometime I'll tag along as a honorary sister-for-the-day. ;)

I don't know that I've ever had Coco Pazzo's. I've had Lula's, though, and so I sympathize with your disappointment at it being closed!

Denni said...

It was a Target that had the Starbucks not Wal-Mart FYI & I love that pic of you! You totally left out the part where you missed my exit! LOL I need to get some of those pics from Susan's house....some were cute!

Cinlyn said...

Oops! My bad?! I stand corrected!!! But we did stop at Wal-Mart!