Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My work space...again...

Well, it took just over a month since closing date to get it done, but Ely and Liz are now moved into their house. And that means.....

I get that bedroom..........again! I've had supplies strung from one end of the house to the other

since making room for their temporary stay. As I was gathering and moving things into the room yesterday, I felt as if I were the one moving! I didn't realize I had moved that much stuff out of that room! Not to mention the new things I'd accummulated in the time they were here!

I got this cupboard moved into the room last night and Harley and Clyde jumped right on it....or should I say...IN it! As I emptied baskets or totes, they were in them as if I were clearing them out just for them to play in!

As I work to put this work space together for myself yet again, I struggle on what to call this space exactly. Over the years when I've had a work room, I've always referred to it as "my sewing room"...for that was basically all I used it for. But now I incorporate so much more into my work than just sewing, not to mention the computer space being in this room as well. Sewing or work room sounds rather boring yet "studio" doesn't seem to fit either. I guess because I've always associated a studio as a space set apart or detached from the rest of the house where this space is a room in the house. Spare or guest room doesn't suit as it's not set up as such a room. What do you call the area in which you create?

Speaking of which.....I just received a copy of this magazine I'd been reading about for some time. I don't know why I put off checking it out or why I stopped at just ordering the current issue! Awesome magazine!

Where Women Create.....Inspiring work spaces of extraordinary women

I'm trying to put a little more thought into arranging my room than I did before. Looking at the different studios featured in this magazine helps me to realize that I don't have to have everything "put away". It's okay to have it out and within reach!
I've been working on this since yesterday....taking a little coffee break...It's going rather quickly.
I don't have as much weeding out as I did before as I don't buy as many of those "I'll use it one of these days" items like I used to. I usually have a specific project in mind when I buy something now.
I think the one thing I over-buy on now is floss.....this is my stash..... you think I might have a floss addiction? All this plus what I have carded in my floss organizer and yet when I'm working on something I seem to run out of at least one of the colors I'm using! Anyways...I'd better get back at it...just a bit more to do. I want to get back to creating tomorrow!

Hope you are having a great week! Let me hear from you.....

What do you call your creative space?


Shari said...

Hi Cindy

Naming your work space is an interesting exercise. What you call it doesn't have to imply work of some sort - it could be "The Blue Room" or "The Rose Room" or "The West Room" oops - not that one, too close to rest room lol. Mine is ordinary - the sewing room. Although my husband calls it the junk room... and of course we could borrow from the guys and call it The Workshop where Secret Women's Business is undertaken...

Cheers - Shari

Sharlotte said...

Just popping in to say hello and that I am glad that I found your blog! It seems that we have some things in common. I'm in Greene county.Always nice to find a fellow Missiourian in blogland. I'm putting you on my bloglist so I don't loose ya!

Loralynn said...

I don't have a whole room for my creating...I wish!!! The space I have set up I call my "crafting area." I also have a "sewing corner." If I had a whole room to set up in I would probably call it my "craft room." How nice for you to be able to put everything back together in one place again! Have fun!