Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Ramblin'.....

What a weekend! My brother in law, Sam, went on a guy's weekend fishing trip, so Marsha decided to take her own weekend and come spend it with us! By the time she got here and we had both worked that day, we just spent the evening at the house, relaxed and visited.

Saturday morning, we decided to go to Columbia to meet up with our sisters, Denni and Denise and our nephew, Peyton. We didn't really have any plans....stopped at Joanns then met up with them at Hobby Lobby. After that we went to Rio Grande Mexican restraunt....Pey really likes tacos! With sour cream!! LOL

John had gotten a call that morning that it was Columbias Toy Run for the Salvation Army so after helping Ely move appliances, he hopped on the bike to participate in that! Since we were in Columbia, we went out to meet them so Pey could see all the bikes....and SANTA! He was surprised to see that Santa was also going to ride a motorcycle!

And of course he wanted to sit on Uncle Johns motorcycle....

And it seems he forgot all about his Mom and his aunts while he was with Uncle John!
We waited til they all took off before we went on our way....
There is a huge antique store just a few miles from my house that I can rarely catch open when I have the time to stop....well we actually caught them open when on our way back home. I found a few treasures....I'll "remake" the basket and I've got a couple projects in mind for the mini-creamers and the keys.
The little cross-stitch is my little weekend project....I'll be finishing it into something this week! It's another little design by Primitive Betty!

So that was my weekend! I'd better get myself off this machine and get myself ready for work....I get to be a seamstress today!
Last week it seems all we had were clouds and rain! ugh! Made for a depressing week but we are on like day 3 now of sunshine AND we get some warmer's been really cool here and with the rain we've had it's seemed even colder! I got quite a list of things to do while it's nice out!
I hope you had a nice weekend and have a GREAT day!!


Diva Kreszl said...

sounds like a delightful and funfilled weekend!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Look at Peyton! So big!!

Did Denni buy anything at Hobby Lobby? Last time I was there with her, she and Betsy loaded up on stuff! LOL!

primitivebettys said...

LOVELY ~*Thankful*~ stitchin'! I also see a really SWEET ~*Silent Holy Night*~ above! AWESOME! Can I share on my blog Friday?

Sweet smiles to ya,