Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Ramblin'...

Well it's been quite a week since my last post. I no sooner hit the "publish post" button when I'd heard from John that I'd have to go pick him up over in Beardstown. The truck was going to the shop for, most likely, a new clutch. I was working away at home on Thursday when I got a call from my mil...she was at a follow-up doctors appt from her trip to the ER on Tuesday and her doctor admitted her to the hospital to run test. Saturday was a little road trip to get John a new pair of boots. He wears a good pair of boots til they are practically fallin' off his feet. Sunday was the annual toy run. 253 bikes! Now that is not only alot of bikes for a toy run, that's ALOT of toys and canned food items plus cash donations for our local charities!

Mom is home from the hospital (dismissed yesterday). Truck fixed and John back to work. I took him back yesterday and took a little detour thru Hannibal on the way home for a little fabric shop fix! I didn't really need or want anything...just wanted to look and be overwhelmed at all the fabrics and the possibilites. I did get a couple of cuts of wool felt...and it was on sale, like near 50% off! I like that! But that was it. It's been so gloomy here of late. Saturday was really nice and Sunday was beautiful until about an hour after the toy run then the sky opened up and it's been ugly out since. It doesn't look like it's goin' to be none too pretty a day today either!

I've got lots on my list of things to do today. I finished up another little x-stitch from Primitive Bettys plus the "thankful" one I finished the other day that I'd like to get completely finished. I found a couple of little snowman stitcheries by Twigs I'd started who knows how long ago that I'd like to finish the stitching on and work into pillows. I think I have a snowman punchneedle that needs to be finished into a pillow, too! And I have a snowman order to fill so I drew out the pattern for that this morning in hopes of at least getting them traced, sewn and cut today!

I thought I'd share with you a few photos from my sewing room...yes, still calling it that, out of habit, I guess. This is an idea from the Aug/Sept/Oct issue of Where Women Create. I was inspired to create my own...a good place for buttons, snaps, rusty tin pieces, etc...

A cupboard full of goodies....fabrics, favorite magazines, old spools awaiting to be made into make-do's. See the little tin in the middle there on top? It's an old fruitcake tin...full of buttons that belonged to my Grandma Prewitt.... some people would of kept the buttons and pitched the old tin....nope...can't do it. I'll keep it forever! And yes, I do use buttons from it. It is so full of buttons, I'll never use them all!

And this is a little cubby box that I use for little bits of fabric that aren't so big they need to go in the cupboard. Much easier to keep track of in this!

Have a GREAT day...I hope the sun is shining in your world!


Sharlotte said...

Love the post today. I'm glad things are working out for your hubby and Mil. Life can throw you a curve fast sometimes! I like Primitive Betty's too and have some things from her I need to stitch. Hasn't this MO weather been crazy? It was such a beautiful day a couple of days ago here in Sringfield ,but not now. Even the trees are turning ugly from the beautiful shades they were.I love the fabric cubby.I'd like to have one too ,just no place for it! Glad you are enjoying your new creative space.

Have a great day!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Look at you, Cindy! I'm so jealous of your organizational skills! Those cubbies are arranged to perfection. :)