Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Ramblin' & Opening Day....

...and no, I don't mean for a new store!  Yesterday was opening day of firearms deer season. John finally got to hunt with the 280 he got last year AFTER deer season.  It's been a few years since he's even been home for opening day.  What a highlight to his week!  He has been home for over a week now, while his truck is in the shop. he is....John and his 10 pt.

Okay, I've shown off the on to other things!  It was an early mornin' for me and I don't even deer hunt!  But rather than fight it and try going back to sleep again, I just got up right before the guys went out.  I just got my coffee/computer time in earlier before cooking breakfast.
I put on a pot of chili and a pot of beef stew....there are enough left overs that I am not cooking today!
Since I skipped church last week, I need to go today.
Besides cooking, I spent the day working on snowmen. And I don't know why I did it......but I pulled out my stash of patterns and started going thru them and pulling out this one and that one...then OH! I really need to do this one!  I'm not done with the mountain of things on my work table now and already planning what's next?  What's wrong with me?!And should I even tell you about the small skein of peaches & cream yarn I bought the other day?  LOL  I just couldn't resist.  Between walking thru the aisles and seeing all the yarns available and my sister, Marsha, crocheting up a storm, I felt inspired to crochet...and rather than overwhelming myself with several large skeins and an afghan pattern, I thought I'd do something small.

I used the directions for a dish cloth that was on the inside label.  Having yarn leftover, I thought I'd work up a potholder.  My Grandma Summers told me how to do this one years ago, so thought I'd see if I could's simple enough!  I'll get this finished up this weekend.  This will help me decide if I want to try to work up an afghan thru the winter months. I will have to invest or make a bag or basket to hide my yarns..Harley and Salem really like the yarn.  Clyde don't give a rip about it!  I used to crochet alot! Like doilies and afghans....then I set the yarns and needles aside and moved on to other things.  Every once in awhile I get the itch...especially while browsing the yarn aisles at the store!  All the books and patterns I had at one time, I've passed along to others. The only thing I've kept is the set of needles that John bought me  our first Christmas together.  And I was trying to remember who taught me to crochet...and I think it was several women in my Grandma Summers, I think my first piano teacher, Jean Malloy may have shown me some things, Linda, a friend of my folks, my Mom-in-law.
I am determined to finish these standing snowmen today....I've been stitching hats together.  The clothes are ready to be stitched up...the fabric already stained so it's just a matter of sitting down at the machine today and stitching them up.
I also want to let you know about my new web site.
A place where I can post all of my handmades and a few other things.  It's still in the works... Right now, things are listed in seasonal albums but will be adding more albums as things come up.

I hope you are having an awesome weekend!


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Oh's not bambi! lol....This one is much bigger and older than Bambi~!

Sharlotte said...

Way to go John!!! My husband and son have been out in the deerwoods since the firearms season opened and still no luck. :( Those buggers have been coming out and walking right through came at night when they can't shoot and then nowhere to be found during the day! They're quite smart! I love that table or bench or whatever it is Cindy , that's in the background in picture of your crocheting.I love prim stuff with stars!