Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Ramblin'...

So how was your Halloween?!! I had a total of 3 trick-or-treaters...nieces and nephew. We live so far out in the country that we just don't get them out here unless it's family!
We finally had a nice weekend after a week of rain! It was windy on Saturday and had a slight chill in the air but I wasn't complainin' cause the sun was shining! I made a quick little trip to Columbia....I had so much sewing I wanted to do that I gave myself a time limit to be home by noon...I only went over by an hour. But, we made a couple stops that I hadn't planned on. On the way to Hobby Lobby, we saw a little sign for the farmers market so we followed it! There were at least two vendors that had eggs for get this... $3.00 - $3.50 dz! Makes me miss my chickens. Denni thought she saw a sign at one booth saying they were organic...I guess that makes a little bit of difference in the pricing.... Anyways...I got me a couple small jars of blackberry and peach jams. Now to make some homemade rolls or biscuits to try it out! Mmm!!! I think I just gained 10 pounds!
There were vendors with home-baked goods, honey, veggies, there was someone there with jewelry, another with pottery. Someone had blackberry plants. Had I known that, I would of prepared my spot out back to put them and bought some. But I have learned that unless I have the ground ready for plants to go into, don't buy plants! I usually end up losing them before I get them set! I wish I had found this sooner....I doubt I make it back there before they close for the year.
I spent the rest of the weekend tracing, sewing, cutting, turning, stuffing.....There are body parts everywhere! This evening, I'm staining!

I've still got some to cut, turn and stuff! But they are for an order for later in the month so they'll keep until the first of next week!

I've also been working on a little punch needle project and that's about finished so I'd better get off here and get back to it....

Hope you have a wonderful week!!

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