Monday, December 28, 2009

Good mornin' all....

Just a couple more Christmas pictures to share with you...Harley and Clyde (he's up on the fireplace) checkin' out the packages under the tree on Christmas Eve!  They just know there is something under there for them!!  And they were right....but I think once again, they were more impressed with the pretty packages, empty boxes and wrapping paper, than with their little pressies!
We had a wonderful Christmas!  We went to Christmas Eve candlelight service at church, then to my moms then back home to celebrate with Briar, Ely and Liz.
This was too cute....this bundle of switches was left at Grandma's from "Santa" (my brother) for my nephews.  I really think this was their favorite gift because I think they thought it was for them to use on others who misbehaved!  It was all in fun!  They couldn't wait for the bundle to be opened to divide them up!! LOL
Christmas Day we spent at home....the snow had started after a couple days of rain so that made for a nice mess on the roads!  I cooked supper for some family and friends then we all played a trivia game. 
Now here it is Monday....John is back to work with a slight chance of being home for NewYears.
Back to work for me today, too so I'd better get off this machine and get busy!!!

I hope you had an awesome Christmas spent with family and friends.
 I wish you many blessings for the coming new year!!!

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Shari said...

Hi Cindy - sounds like you had a wonderful time! And too quickly ended and back to work... sigh. For us as well...

May your New Year be Bright with many Blessings for 2010.