Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Living Room Tree...

Okay...I spent my yesterday afternoon, taking down the bigger tree in the living room. 
Thanks to the younger cats, there were flattened branches, broken ornaments and stray hooks, bead garland drooping in all the wrong places and gold ting scattering the floor!
So as I watched the movie, "Julie & Julia"...which, was great!, by the way....I took everything off the tree and started all over!  And here it is.....

This tree is filled with all kinds of ornaments...from handmade to store bought.  There are a few of my own handmade ones, but many others I received in swaps over the years.  There are regular Christmas bulbs and other store bought ones.  There are ornaments  made and/or bought and given to the boys when they were younger and there are also the priceless ones...those made by the boys, when they were much, MUCH younger, either at school or at our kitchen table when they wanted to work alongside me!
There are even a few pressies wrapped and under the tree!  I've taken Harley's nappin' spot....

This is where he'd usually spend his afternoon since putting the tree up.....but he's found another the old rocker next to the fireplace, which is where he is at right now!
I've found only a couple ornaments out of place this morning... I'm sure they will continue to slap at ornaments, as Salem still does from time to time....but let's hope they stay OUT of the tree so the branches will stay poofy!  Someone told me they spritzed their cat with water to stay out of their tree and it worked but then they found poo on the floor!  Hmm.... so did it really did work?!

 I'm contemplating a little trip over to our Amish community....can't's so nice and warm here in the house and the thought of going out in the cold for something that really can wait til a regular errand day...hmm...I don't know!  Maybe I'll stay in where it is nice and warm...get the chores done that need doing then settle down with some stitching and a cup of tea!  Yeah, I know, I'm such a coffee drinker...but every once in awhile, I like a nice cup of hot tea!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!