Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Windy Tuesday...Sour Dough...

I just got back in from doing chores...I'm not sure if it's snowing now or that it's just the wind picking up what fell yesterday. Yeah, so much for that beautiful sunshine we had on Sunday.  We woke to it snowin' and blowin' on Monday!  I had to be out in it yesterday, but anything that I thought I might need to do in town today....well, it can just wait another day!  I do have plenty to keep me busy here!

Before I get too far into anything and as soon as I defrost here with this last cup of coffee, I'm going to mix up a sour dough starter.  I'd been thinking about  homemade sourdough when just a couple days ago, I saw FB friend Laura's photo of the sourdough she'd just made...it looked SO good! That's all I needed! 
The recipe I use, that I'm sharing with you today, comes from a Fleischmann's cookbook I got years ago...one of those send in so many empty packets from the yeast and so much money for shipping and handling and they'll send you a cookbook.  Do food companies even do that anymore? 
Well, here's the recipe....

Sour Dough Starter

3 1/2 cups unsifted flour
1 tablespoon sugar
1 package Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast
2 cups warm water

Combine flour, sugar and undissolved yeast in large bowl.  Gradually add warm water to dry ingredients and beat until smooth.  Cover with transparent wrap; let stand in warm place for 2 days.

To use in recipe:  Measure out amount called for in recipe and use as directed.

To replenish starter:  To remaining starter add 1 1/2 cups flour and 1 cup warm water.  Beat until smooth.  Store covered in warm place.  Stir before using.  If not used in one week, remove 1 1/2 cups starter and follow directions for replenishing.

I will share the bread recipe tomorrow.  Time to get busy! 

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