Sunday, February 21, 2010

Now what? A Tag Sale?

I finally got a project done that took entirely too long!   Not because it was that big of a project, but because I put it aside and forgot about it!  Anyways...I won't bore you with those details but the job is done and now when I'm stitching on something else while I'm at home, I can stitch on it guilt-free! 
Like any other seamstress/stitcher, I have alot of things in progress...yet as I worked on finishing up those valances, I was thinking of new projects to start!  Aprons, dolls, more cross-stitch, revamping a few found objects.....But before I can do any of that, wip's or new, I think I need to rearrange this work room.  While I've enjoyed having a work room to myself, I've not been content while working in here.  I need more light...I need a comfy chair...I need my tv in here (no satellite in this room) maybe I'll hook up my tv anyways and just watch dvd's?   I think I'll work on this room this afternoon...after church....It will take some doing looks like disaster struck in here this weekend! 
I got on a cleaning spree Friday .... actually, not just cleaning...I decided that I have entirely too much stuff to dust under!  Too much!!  So I've started going thru some things....everything that I've decided that I can part with has been put on or around my work tables....they are filling up!   I will be having an online tag sale very soon!!! 
There will be alot of handmades...things I've made and things I've received in swaps over the years.  And as much as I love and appreciate these things, especially those made by others, I have so much and I can't keep it all.  So I will offer it to you...thru an on-line tag sale which I will post in a special album on my picture trail site.  I've already started taking some pics, but there's still some things to go thru and more pics to take! I will also be putting on some holiday leftovers....I could put them in storage til this fall but I'd just as soon move them now...even if that means letting them go at a fraction of the cost.  I'm sure there will be some things that are NOT handmade. 
So check back soon!!!
It snowed here yesterday...BIG chunky flakes then turned to rain or sleet for a short bit....I think it's just raining here this morning!  Not pleasant if having to get out!
Hope you're having a great weekend....keeping warm and dry where you're at!


Willow said...

Ohhhh a tag sale !!! Hopefully I'm not at work when it happens lol or all the goodies will be gone =( I really should be spring cleaning myself and decluttering. Amazing how a few things turn into toooooo many things ! Hope your weather gets better soon !
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

You wanna come here and organize? Because I have too much to dust under, too.

We're supposed to get 6-10" of snow here tonight, on top of the 3 inches already on the ground. Yay. Is it spring yet?!

Debra said...

Oh My! Looking forward to yor tag sale!!

Jackie said...

Looking forward to your tag sale!!