Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hobby Farm Home...

But first...this is Salem.  He is the older of our three house cats.  If  I am in this room, then he must be in here too.  And if I am at the computer, then he must be on my lap OR on the desk next to me.  It doesn't matter what might be in the place he wants to lay, he will lay on it, beside it, move it out of the way...can you see how is tail and one of his hind legs are in the printer?  And can you even see the keyboard? Yeah, it's shoved over to the left, along with the mouse! He has become quite my buddy over this past year, since bringing in the two younger cats!  He's laying here, purring ever so softly!  Quite content!

Now....on to the title of my post today!  What is Hobby Farm Home you ask?
I had to make a quick stop in the grocery store yesterday and for some reason, I decided I needed to skim the magazine rack and I spotted this....
I remembered seeing what I thought was this magazine some time ago and passed on it but was compelled to pick it up this time.  Turns out, after visiting their web site, this is a sister magazine to the Hobby Farm magazine and I think this one Hobby Farm HOME is actually more geared to my interests.
Visit  http://www.hobbyfarms.com/  if you'd like to check them out!
As you can see, this issue has articles on making your own cheese, creating an evening garden, unusual veggies, herbs and cast iron recipes.....I've not gotten to spend alot of time reading it so I look forward to the afternoon coffee break.  I got most of that sewing list done that  I posted about last week and hope to finish it up today!
I'm really missing my chickens and seriously thinking about getting some more this spring BUT not before fixing up a proper coop and run for them so they will not be pecking and scratching thru the flower beds and leaving a trail along my walks ( know what I mean?).
Even though I didn't get a whole lot out of my garden last year, I'm looking forward to putting in another small one this year and spending a little more time with it. So, I guess now is the time to decide what exactly I want to plant this year and begin making my list for seed and plants. 
I could go on and on of the things I'd like and hope to do this spring....but I'd better get myself busy.
Hope you have an awesome day!!


Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

That sounds like the kind of magazine I'd like to read! ... And spend the whole time wishing I was crafty/homemake-y enough to do all this stuff, LOL!

Sharlotte said...

Sounds like an iteresting magazine! We had chickens when I was young along with other animals. I KNOW the trail you are talking about. Good news! I found that pattern page for the sheep and the March and April Calendar quilt blocks. I got my little sheep made and will probably post it tomorrow. Have a great day!