Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring-Cleaning...the pantry...

I just love it when a job that's been needing done for some time finally gets done!
It was a cool, breezy & damp day yesterday so I wasn't inclined to work in the flower boxes.
This pantry has needed to be cleaned out for some time and every day off I'd tell myself "I really need to clean the pantry" and yesterday was the day that I finally got the job done! It took only ALL afternoon but it's done! Spice jars and other containers filled, old product thown out, shelves wiped down and reorganized.  More things got added to the "sort later" boxes.
There's a whole other side to the keeps small appliances and containers that aren't used very often.  I really like my's actually one of my favorite things about this house.
I try to keep it well-stocked and noticed yesterday that while my baking supplies were VERY well-stocked, my canned and boxed food items were NOT.
I also discovered that no matter the size of spice jar set I have, there are never enough jars.

Once that task was complete,  I thought about grocery shopping but it was so nasty out I decided to stay home where it was warm and dry!  
Even though I was the only one home for supper, I decided to finally try a recipe that I found on The Pioneer Woman's blog....
I'm looking forward to the leftovers! Thanks Pioneer Woman!

I finally got to settle down in my chair and put in a few stitches.   I'm working on a few 'pay it forward' goodies.

Time to get ready for church, then over to my sisters....going do a little cleaning for her since she's got a foot in a cast....then I'm going to find something fun to do!

Enjoy your day!

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di2009 said...

Feel free to come and clean my pantry. Unfortunately it is much smaller than yours!