Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good Sunday Morning...

Yes, I'm still here! We've just been enjoying this sweet baby girl in just about every spare moment!
She and Papa are having a serious conversation...something about a pony, camping and afternoon naps!
Just 11 days old and this Gramma thing is already SO awesome! People keep telling me... "it gets better!"....
And I can only imagine!
  In my mind, we are already taking walks through the woods,  baking cookies, stitching on doll blankies  and shopping!

She's such a sweet baby! 

So what else has been going on? 
Well, before all the baby excitement, I had a couple days that I  got to do some sewing.
I really had the intention of opening up  my etsy shoppe again but that's not going to happen just yet.
I will be taking these cute little numbers out to the mercantile later today......
If  you are interested in purchasing, just drop me an email and if still available, I'd gladly pop it in the mailbox for you!
The black/white and the pink/black aprons are $29.95 each and the multi-color dot apron is $19.95.  Price does NOT include shipping.   Payal preferred.
All three aprons are fully lined.

I have several more in the works with different fabrics and apron design....
and I will soon have child size aprons available.
It's been hot as blue blazes here in our corner of the world...the ac runs  non-stop from noon til late at night!  Fans are running inside and out.  Drinking lots of water!
For all the rains and flooding we had earlier, we are now begging for a good rain!
Hope you are staying cool!

Enjoy your day!


adayintheworldaroundme said...

You granddaughter is beautiful....and yes it gets better! I have 6 grandkids and I just cant imagine life without them they are such a joy!

Your friend in stitches

di2009 said...

Love, love, love your picture of Papa and the little one!

Kunal Lad said...

Beautiful . The baby is bautiful and the dresses you sewd are sooo cute good man :-) Enjoyed reading your blog :-)