Saturday, July 20, 2013

A finish to share & wool gathering...

Just finished and she will be available at Randolph Mercantile soon! 
She is a design by Olde Crows Nest Inn.....and actually was designed to hold a dolly of her own but I opted not to include that and I like her just as she is.

I also want to share another snippet from Aunt Evelyns writings....

Wool gathering..."Grandma Mag talked about wool gathering when she was a child.
As the sheep went by brush or under a barbed wire fence, some of the wool gets caught and is pulled off. So they went along pulling it off and put it in a sack.
A bar of lye soap was melted in hot water. There were tubs with sun warmed water-wool was placed in the tubs and left overnight. The next morning the wool was washed. Then you took a hand full and squeezed the water out and put it in a tub of water and rinsed. After squeezing the water out it was laid out on the lawn to dry. After it was dry it was carded. A carding comb was 2 pieces if wood about 3 x 6 with nails driven through them.
It was put away until they had a quilt ready and was used as batting."

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