Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A finish to share....

.....and a wee bit of progress.
Whew-whee! It's a hot one today! So what do I do? I brew me a cup of coffee, grab my cross-stitch and come sit out on the front porch. Sounds a little messed up, right? There is a nice breeze coming across and I do enjoy sitting outside.
Just want to share this little punchneedle finish...a little design by Mosey and Me but with a little bit of editing. I wanted it to fit on this little iron pad. I found this at the mercantile for just a couple bucks and knew it would be perfect for something like this. I used dmc floss and punched it into weavers cloth. I gave it a walnut stain, attached it to a piece of black wool then to this little iron trivet. It will soon be available at the mercantile.
And just a wee bit of progress on Brown Egg Farm...I started this while out with John last week. I'm stitching it for me and no rush so no telling how long it will take. It's a fairly good sized piece and I'll work on it in spurts. I've been working on alterations all day so far and decided I needed a break from it!
Hope you are having a fabulous day and getting to spend some time sitting on your front porch! Time to get stitchin'..... before I have to get back to the alterations!

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