Thursday, August 4, 2016

An Unfinished Project.....

I recently went through an old dresser that was taking up space in the garage. It held an assortment of things.....from old papers to apparently, unfinished counted cross-stitch projects. This is from *Homestead Classics Cross Stitch Collectibles*....the November 1989 issue! I stitched one for my mother-in-law then decided I wanted one for myself.  As you can see I got a great start on it...actually closer to being finished than just beginning... then for whatever reason it got set aside, packed away, moved and misplaced. I was so glad to find it once again.  I have had some unexpected time off from work this week so I've gotten caught up on some alterations work so I won't feel guilty that if today I stitch away and continue with my 'Downton Abbey' least for a little while.
Enjoy your day!

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