Monday, May 18, 2009

Another busy weekend...

...but I think it's slowing down now! Since we missed the bike trip to Iowa, we took a little daytrip on the motorcycle on Saturday. We met up with friends in Boonville to make our way back to the little historic village of Arrow Rock. But before we met them, we stopped by Leeanne's (John's sister) to drop off a little graduation pressie to our niece Christian, who was also graduating high school on Sunday.
We met up with Ronnie and Bridget and meandered our way to Arrow Rock. A neat little historic town....I'd been there before, once on a class trip years ago with Briar then a few years ago when I took my folks and a friend over there but most of the town was closed up that day so we didn't get to visit but maybe one shop. We went and set up their camp first then hit the town. John and Ronnie opted for the local tavern/restraunt while Bridget and I checked out a few of the shops. Be sure to stop in and say hi to Chef Lizzie and have a glass of her wonderful homemade Sangria! She also bottles and sells her own salad dressings. I picked up a bottle of her Pesto Parmesan Peppercorn dressing which I'm very anxious to try!

John, Bridget and Ronnie at "the bar". Such a neat place......

These are my treasures from "Lot 2 on the Public Square"...a little shop with a nice mix of antiques, collectibles, MO products and more! This little runner was made by, I'm assuming, the owner. Her signature tag on the back...."Crosses and Losses"...A Civil War quilt pattern constructed with reproduction fabrics. Arrow Rock - 2008....J. Smith.

And a little soy candle.... Giddy-Up Soy Candles made in Westphalia, MO. Red-velvet cake scent...Mmmm......

We're hoping to make another little trip down soon and take a little more time to look around!


Well....we're done! The long awaited day of graduation finally came! Briar is now graduated! And would you believe that I got just a little teary-eyed at the beginning but I didn't bawl my eyes out as everyone expected!! Rather than having a speaker, they opted for a class-slide show...each student had taken a few photos and someone had put them into a slide show with music....SO neat...they had done this for the Vo-Tech awards program too.

We had a little family gathering at the house afterwards....I had his scrapbook out along with a picture look back over the last 18 years! Where has the time gone? If you have little ones....enjoy every moment because the time passes all too quickly! The music programs, school dances, class trips, halloween costumes and parties.....take in and enjoy every moment that you can!

We are SO PROUD of you Briar! Congratulations!


Rita said...

I can't believe Briar is all graduated and grown up now! I still think of him as the little guy in my Sunday school class. :) Benjamin graduated yesterday too (and is MARRIED, which I still cannot believe!) and it leaves me wondering where the time went!

It's funny you mention the bike ride to Iowa because on the ride home yesterday, Curtis and I were sure there had to be SOME kind of rally or something going on somewhere in the area ... we have never seen so many bikers on the road!

And mmm ... sangria ... the bartenders at Moon Palace in Cancun make a mean sangria too. You'll have to ask Denni about those, LOL. ;)

Denni said...

Conesville is where it was at b/c a couple I work with goes every year! LOL
Yeah I love me some sangria! I can't wait to fix the mix I have!