Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Ramblin'.....& we have a winner!!!

WOW! What a weekend!
Last Thursday we went to Briar's Vo-Tech Awards Ceremony....he finished as a completer w/distinction in the collision repair department.
And just one more week before graduation!
Friday, it was girls day out! Let's mil, sil, niece, sil's Mom, our neighbor friend and myself, we all loaded up and went to Amish country! We made the rounds...the general stores, the grocery store then the greenhouse! Mom and Rita got hanging baskets and I got a couple flats of flowers I needed for Saturday. By that time the van was FULL, so I put off getting my own hanging baskets and tomatoe plants til today....hoping she has things left!
Saturday was a full day.... It started off going over to the church to get everything set up.....
My Mom's 70th birthday is tomorrow, so we celebrated a bit early with a surprise birthday party for her on Saturday! And she was surprised! I don't know how she didn't catch wind of it for as many people that knew and the invites floating around!! But she was surprised! My sister and her husband took Mom and Dad out and about and Susan gave the excuse of needing to pick something up from another church member to get her to the church. There were several friends and family already there by the time she arrived so we all started singing Happy Birthday when she came in! I love it when things go according to plan!!

This is my Mom! We have a very talented cake artist at one of our local grocery stores. We provided her with one of our favorite photo's of Mom as a little girl and she put it to icing! She done a fabulous job! Don't you think?!

And this is my family! We were lucky to have all of us there...and our spouses. Unfortunely all of the grandkids couldn't make it. It was still a wonderful day....the weather was beautiful!
After all that, John and I went to our friends house for dinner.....nothin' better than a big ol' ribeye cooked on the grill and a baked sweet potatoe! Mmmm.....
Sunday was church of course....and Mother's Day....Briar gave me a nice clock that has already taken the place of my old living room clock and Ely & Liz gave me a nice bouquet of flowers! It's been a long time since I've gotten flowers like that so I'll especially enjoy those! John, Ely & Briar spent the day together....fixed the truck, which wasn't put back together quite right from the repair job then spent the rest of the day doing yard work. Remember I mentioned the mower fizzin' out on me the other day? Well it turns out it was just having a bad day! (Maybe it was me....I'm just not supposed to operate that thing! Maybe I'd just better stay off of it! Dern!) I was busy inside so I couldn't be outside to do any yard work so the berms will be put off yet again. Besides the kids, we had friends and John's brother and his family down for handbreaded tenderloins for supper.....messy to prepare but oh so good to eat!!
After everyone left, I settled down in my chair and watched Celebrity Apprentice. Didn't do a thing but iron a couple shirts for John!
Home alone now, in the quiet and sipping one more cup of coffee before getting ready for work.
I suppose I've rambled long enough...I'm sure you are anxious to hear who the winner is for the Mother's Day Give-Away! Thirteen comments were made so thirteen names went into the crock.......
And the winner is................
Betty aka Primitive Betty!
So Betty....drop me and email with your shipping info sometime over the next few days so I know where to send your gift!! I will get that out to you very soon!!
Have a GREAT day!!!


Lori said...

Wow you have been busy! What a nice birthday for your Mom. You really have a nice family Cindy and your love for them shines through your words.

Happy Mother's Day a day late and Congratulations Betty!!

Carla said...

Oh good! Betty is so generous with her patterns, so she deserves to win.
Your Mother's birtday celebrations was great. Happy Birthday to her.

primitivebettys said...

WOW! NO way! :) I can't believe I won!!!! Thank you so much!! :)

Happy Birthday to your Momma!