Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's ~Day~Give~Away

Good Morning Friends!! Since I've had my blog, I've only done one give away so I thought with Mother's Day being THIS coming weekend, it was time to have another one! To be entered all you have to do is post a comment to THIS post anytime between now and Sunday...Mother's Day....I'd like for your comment to include a special memory that you have with your mother...daughter/son...or even your grandma. I will post the winner early Monday morning!! I can't tell you what the prize will be because I don't even know that yet....but I promise it will be great and include a little handmade something! Names will go in a hat and one will be drawn for the winner!
This is a pic of my Mom with my Grandma and Grandpa....I don't know why this is such a favorite of mine but I love this photo!

Mom will be 70 on the 12th of this month and we have a little something special planned for her and I'll post about that at a later date!


I worked outside yesterday....took advantage of the beautiful day! I even taught myself how to operate the riding lawn mower (with a little help from John via phone)....this is something I refused to do before because I have a husband and two boys that are quite capable of the task. Well, John is out SO much of the time....Ely has moved out...and Briar is about to graduate and not sure what his schedule will allow once he finds a job! But, as luck would have it, I didn't even get to mow one strip in the yard when the mower fizzled out on me...it wouldn't start! It has a brand new battery so it's not that. I just had it running...turned it off to answer phone then it wouldn't start again!! Ugh!! So I went to the flower boxes and berms. And on a whim, I started digging! I decided to take out the smaller berm....and I hope that I don't lose the plants that I moved! I'm going to try to keep the larger berm but will have to practically redo it. There is still much work to be done out there....and it looks to be a nice day again today to work outside but I just can't....there is too much sewing that needs to be done. By the time I got in last night and supper overwith....I didn't get much in the line of sewing done. So today is sew first then yard work later if there is time.

Have a wonderful day....and I look forward to reading your comments!!!


Donna said...

That's a great old picture!

Please enter me in your sweet giveaway! I remember had hollyhocks, and my mom taught me how to make the little dolls out of the blooms. After she taught me, I would make them and take them to her for presents!

vicki said...

Please enter me in your giveaway!
I remember when my Grandma taught me how to crochet! I think every gift I gave for awhile was something I had crocheted!


Debra said...

Congrats on learning how to drive that lawn mower!
Mymom passed away a year ago- this past December my favorite memory of her is cooking Thanksgiving dinner with her & fixing all the special dishes we both loved!

Lori said...

Hi Cindy!

Sorry to hear your lawn mower quit on you, ours did too..only we have to buy a new one..ugh..hopefully yours is something very minor.

I miss my grandma so much. She taught me to sew and bake and I know my love of birds came from her too. Days spent with her were very special to me. I loved sitting on her back porch dipping rhubarb straight from her garden into her sugar bowl on my lap..ahh the good old days..aren't memories wonderful?

I hope you have a great Mother's Day Cindy!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing old pictures. My mom will be 88 shortly after Mother's Day. It makes me remember all of the birthday cakes she made for the five of us when we were growing up. They were not from a box mix and she was always so creative in decorating.

primitivebettys said...

I would like to be added to the hat! :) How fun!

My Mom has shared the joys of crafting, antiquing, and gardening with me over the years. I remember the fun time we had & still have talking about them all. :)

Gayle said...

One of my favorite memories is of being at my Grandma's when I was just little. She had a small stream near her home with a wooden walk over the top of it. Whenever I went to visit she would plop me down on the bridge with a stick, a string, and a safety pin and I would 'fish' for hours! For some strange reason I never caught anything! LOL

Gina said...

I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I lost my mom 3 yrs. ago and my memory is how she was always cooking meals for everyone and you could stop by anytime and she had something for you.


girliegirl said...

One of my favorite childhood memories were our Sundays spent at my Aunt's house. Her and my mother would laugh and tell stories from their youth and we would all get into giggling fits. I miss it so much, now that my mom is gone and I live far from my aunt.


Hunkidori said...

My mom died a few years ago, my memories of her are still vivid. When we went places together, mainly shopping we had wonderful times. It was just like shopping with a best friend, we do and say goofy things and laugh the whole time.

itole4u2 said...

Hi Cindy from OK
My grandmother was such an inspiration to me. She believed in me when no one else did. She always grew such beautiful flowers and could sew with the best of them. I truly miss her! I am extremely new to the blogging world, in fact, this is my second posting. Didn't even know how to post!
Thank you for remembering Mother's on this special day and being so generous with your gifts!

craftychick said...

What a lovely pic!! I will always remember going to bakeries with my dear grandmother, Rose, she was a baker herself, she would tell us kids about when my mom was a kid grandma would go to neighbors to sell her homemade doughnuts and patries to help earn a living. She instilled a deeply rooted love of baking in my heart so much I am opening my own bakery and also baking for 2 local farm markets now. I sure wish my grandma was here to see me now!! LOVE you Grandma Rose!!

kat449 said...

Hey Cindy,
i havent chatted with you for so long because Im just coming out of the dark after losing my precious Mom a few months ago. Then my putter had thee virus of all virus'!!!but Im back with a renewed heart & spirit. Wow here i am 50 & this just leveled me.
I have so many beautiful memories of my Mom & each time I complete a doll, I know shes smiling, she was my biggest supporter.
Please count me in for this surprize giveaway, I still adore the doll you made me for a swap, on the prim pond, she graces my home with memories of you. Happy Mothers day.